11/21/2008 Fubar Omniverse


Seasonal Afffective Disorder Survival Show

6 AM
Okay, here we go into winter and early, early sunsets. Sofia gets us ready.
Sofia Sandén: Hösten (Courage; Drone)
Sofia Sandén: Rätt nu är hosten komnen (Courage)
Sofia Sandén: Pampidoser (Courage)
Sofia Sandén: Hey Courage (Courage)

Accordions help while away the long hours...
Mette Kathrine: Polonese Svelsk (Øjeblikke; Go Danish Folk Music)
Maria Kalaniemi: So Shimmering (Bellow Poetry; Alula)
Maria Kalaniemi: Skymningpolskan (Growing Dusky Polska) (Maria Kalaniemi; Xenophile)

Also fiddles...
Frigg: Jalla Jalla (Economy Class; NorthSide)
Frigg: Kisapolska (Economy Class; NorthSide)
Baltic Crossing: Sextour (Baltic Crossing; Go Danish Folk Music)
Jonas Simonson: Crane Dance (Crane Dance; Nordic Tradition)

7 AM
A salute to our local ladies of Nordic music

Saana: Vottikaalina (Saana Ensemble; self-produced)
Saana: Synnyin ilokylässä (Saana Ensemble)
Saana: Oluen synty (yay! A song in praise of beer!)

Saana Ensemble is a vocal group of five Finns who live in the Twin Cities. They perform both accompanied and a cappella Finnish music in Finnish, from traditional folk tunes to popular music from the 40's to current.

Kari Tauring: Voluspa Kari Ola (Völva Songs EP)
Kari Tauring: Oppi Li (Völva Songs EP)
Lita Blä (Völva Songs EP)

Kari Tauring is an author, educator, and performance artist. As her performance bio says, Tauring sings and tells the stories of our deep Scandinavian tap root. Medieval rune songs, passages from the sagas, Huldre Lokk, Stav rhythm and dance weave through masterful story telling that gives a history lesson in a most enchanting way. Plus she was a good sport about helping with pledge drive during a recent visit. Check out her website at http://www.karitauring.com/.

Diane Jarvi: Kehrääjä (Wild Garden; Lupine)
Diane Jarvi: Solen Såg Jag (Wild Garden)
Diane Jarvi: Tuoksuvat Tuomien (Wild Garden)

What you can say about singer, songwriter, guitarist and kantele player Diane Jarvi? Whatever you say, make sure it includes the word marvelous. Learn more about her at http://www.dianejarvi.com/index.asp.

8 AM
The record that started it all for me...
Lena Willemark Ale Möller: Trilo (Nordan; ECM)
Lena Willemark Ale Möller: Gullharpen (Nordan; ECM)
Frifot: Forgäves (Frifot; ECM)

This is a fantastic record!
Kraja: Allt Under Himmelens Fäste (Under Himmelens Fäste; Drone)
Kraja: Limu limu lima/Lille Lasse (Under Himmelens Fäste)
Kraja: En gång i min ungdom /Schottis efter Knaft Jonke (Under Himmelens Fäste)
Rosenberg 7: Now the Whole World Is at Rest (R7; NorthSide)

Eli called and wanted some loud music. So I gave her some loud music.
Garmarna: Herr Holger (Guds Spelemen; Omnium)
Groupa: Norwegian Mood (Fjalar; Xource)

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November 21, 2008

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