10/31/2008 Across The Board


Here is the the all Halloween edtion of ATB, all treats, no tricks. Lot's of horror soundtracks, trailers, and other dark oddities.
I had a very special guest in the studio, Don Of The Dead (www.myspace.com/don_of_the_dead) , myspace zombie for Twin Cities horror con Crypticon!!! I personally had alot of fun the last 2 years I am looking forward to this year.
Go to www.myspace.com/crypticonmn for a listing of all the amazing guests.

Enjoy, DJ SLT

N = New Music
H = Halloween
NOTLD = Night Of The Living Dead
DOTD = Dawn Of The Dead
DaOTD - Day Of The Dead

Silver Shamrock commercial (H III 1982)
'Prince Of Darkness' Transmission
Tyler Bates - Halloween 2007
Bauhaus - Mask
Malcolm McDowell - 'These Are The Eyes' (H 2007)
Tyler Bates - Ten Cars / Twenty Five pigs (Devil's Rejects)
Alice Cooper - He's Back [The Man Behind The Mask]
(Friday The 13th pt VI: Jason Lives)
Rob Zombie - Dragula
45 Grave - Party Time (Return Of The Living Dead 1985)
Spencer Moore - Drive Way To The Cemetary (NOTLD 1968)
'Werewolf Women Of The SS' trailer
Robert Rodriguez - Grindhouse main theme
'Thanksgiving' trailer
Quincy Punx - Tina
John Harrison - The Dead Walk (DaOTD 1985)
Ken Foree - No More Room In Hell (DOTD 1978)
'Three On A Meathook' trailer
Fabio Frizzi - City Of The Living Dead theme
Brad Fiedel - The Terminator them
Ken Foree - No More Room In Hell (DOTD 2004)
Paul McCollugh - Cemetery (NOTLD 1990)
Elktronic Sciety - Chainsaw
John Carpenter - Reel 9 (The Fog)
John Carpenter - The Boogie Man Is Coming / The Shape (H 1978)
John Carpenter Alan Howarth - Robots At The Factory (H III 1982)
Dan O'Herlihy Tom Atkins - 'I Do Love A Good Joke' (H III 1982)
'Prince Of Darkness' trailer
John Carpenter - Over The Wall (Escape From New York)
Hatchet cast - Origin Of Victor Crowley
The Electric Hellfire Club - Halloween theme
In Strict Confidence - Room 101 (N)
Quincy Punx - Splatter Punks
Sirens Of Titan - Saltonaut
Mach FoX - Splatter Disco (Splatter Disco 2007)
All The Pretty Horses - In Heaven
William S Burroughs - excerpt from 'Nova Express'
Holocaust 427 - Forrest Noise
'Monsters A Go-Go' commercial
Captain Spaulding - 'Mary The Monkey Girl'
Frankenstein The All-Star Monster Band - Monster Rock
Beat 'Em Or Burn 'Em / Final Advance (NOTLD 1968)
'Shock Waves' intro theme
'Tales From The Darkside' outro

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