10/10/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Autumn Leaves - Long Lost Friend
Album: Long Lost Friend; Label: Dabbler
The Third Rail - Run Run Run
Album: v/a Nuggets box; Label: Rhino
The Fredric - Federal Reserve Bank Blues
Album: Phases And Faces; Label: Arf Arf
The Dillons - Simple Way Of Living
Album: v/a Voyages Into Folk Rock, Vol. 1; Label: U-Spaces
Charlie Picket - Marlboro Country
Album: Bar Band Americanus; Label: Bloodshot
(spot) Cowboy Sally Timms for Radio Rumpus Room -
Album: ; Label:
Sally Timms - Dark Sun
Album: Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For The Lost Buckaroos; Label: Bloodshot
Joe Goldmark - Because They're Young
Album: All Hat, No Cattle; Label: HMG
Sherwin Linton - Cotton King (live)
Album: ; Label:
Dave Dudley - There Ain't No Easy Run
Album: ; Label:
(spot) The Good, The Bad And The Ugly trailer -
Album: ; Label:
Trailer Trash - Bandit 65
Album: Nearer My Bar To Thee; Label:
Ol' Yeller - You Can Laugh
Album: Good Luck; Label: SMA
Blue Mountain - Generic America
Album: Homegrown; Label: Roadrunner
Scott H. Biram - Been Down Too Long
Album: Graveyard Shift; Label: Bloodshot
Tom Waits - The Return Of Jackie Judy
Album: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers Bastards; Label: Anti-
The Lazy Cowgirls - I'll Tell You Why
Album: A Little Sex And Death; Label: Crypt
Alejandro Escovedo - Chelsea Hotel '78
Album: Real Animal; Label: Back Porch/Manhattan
The Hot Rodders - 27 Tub
Album: Big Hot Rod; Label: Crown
The Hootowls - Gonna Build Me A Hot Rod
Album: Alien Scrapyard; Label:
(spot) National Custom Auto Show, NYC Coliseum, 1969 -
Album: ; Label:
Laundromat Vacation - Cyclone (live)
Album: ; Label:
The Mummies - Red Cobra #9
Album: Never Been Caught; Label: Telstar
The A-Bones w/Roy Loney - Stop It Baby
Album: Daddy Wants A Cold Beer; Label: Norton
Thee Midniters - Never Knew I Had It So Bad
Album: In Thee Midnite Hour; Label: Norton
The A-Bones - Third Pint From The Sun
Album: Daddy Wants A Cold Beer; Label: Norton
Air Date: 
October 10, 2008

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