10/10/2008 MN Soundtrack


MN Soundtrack 10-10-08
Hosted By Nathan and Jonathan

*Pert Near Sandstone/A Lazy Man's Load is a Heavy One/ Needle Thread
*Gerald Prokop/ Give MN Back to Canada/ Prokiev Records
*Trampled By Turtles/Truck/Duluth/Banjodad Records
*Caly McMorrow/Exception/All Of This Is Temporary

The Yoleus/ Nightmarecirclevision/ Nightmarecirclevision
The Dad in Common/Shall We Dance/Various Moms
Doomtree/Last Call/Doomtree/Doomtree

Art Vandelay/ I Been Down
Military Special/ Warrant Error
International Novelty Gamelan Group/Fez/ Menagerie

El Guante/This Road/ El Guante's Haunted Studio Apartment
Haunted House/Hands Around My Ankles
Jeanine and Miss Cissy/Unknown Title/Cassette Release
Alex Goldfarb//Keys for Locks

Michael Yonkers/It's You Again
A Life Without/Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow/ Buckle the Fuck Up/Sexy Romance Records
Gay Beast/Disrobotics
Hojas Rojas/ Title Unknown/Eclectone Records

Basement Apartment/`

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Air Date: 
October 10, 2008

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