9/26/2008 Across The Board


(*) Denotes snippets

Open Intro: *Also Sprach Zarathustra

By the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

From the movie soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey

*The World in My Hands

*It’s Not Over

By Snap from Welcome to Tomorrow

The Time Has Come to Go Out of Your Mind

By Red Red Groovy

Everybody Wants to Rule The World

By Tears for Fears

One Note

Baba O’Riley

By Pete Townshend and the London Chamber Orchestra

From Lifehouse Elements

Video Killed the Radio Star

By the Buggles


By The Orb

Betty Davis Eyes

By Kim Karnes

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

By The Eurythmics

Light and Shadows

By Vangellis


By Unknown

*John Lennon from In His Life

In The City

By Stevie Wonder

No Parking on The Dance Floor

By Midnight Star

Sex on Wheels

By My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult

Mug Shots

By Godley and Crème

Radio Activity

By Kraftwerk

Voyage 34

By Porcupine Tree

*Another Brick in the Wall

By Pink Floyd

*War of The Worlds

By Justin Hayward Narrated by Richard Burton

The Robots

By Kraftwerk

*Over And Out

By Young American Primitive


*Wet Moon

By Human Mesh Dance

From the Synthetic Pleasures compilation album

What God Wants

By Roger Waters

Englishman in New York

Random Brain Wave

By Godley and Crème

Be Not Too Hard

I’ll Be Gone

Earth Hymn

By Manfred Man

From the Good Earth Album

Capitol of Power

Walls of Doom

Deadly Dreams of Freedom

Burning Sword of Capula

March to the Eternal City

By Triwmvarat

From Sparticus

Wake Up Tomorrow

By Laundromat Vacation

Mash Up Seque of

Born To Run

By Bruce Springsteen and Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Welcome to The Pleasure Dome


By Frankie Goes to Hollywood


By Laundromat Vacation

Contact Lost

By Deep Purple

From Bananas

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