9/23/2008 Dig Up The Roots


Today's show was preempted of an hour, so we sat back and listened in to some stories. The first was a news story of a little boy falling in a well from 1957 - and you thought that was an urban legend? We heard tales of jazz from Wally Cox and Jack Kerouac. Utah Phillips, Tom Waits, Muhammad Ali Laurie Anderson all somehow fit into the program.

Playlist Tracks: 
CBS Evening News correspondent Ron Cochran - The Boy In The Well
Album: The Big News From '57; Label:
Laurie Anderson - Song For Two Jims
Album: United States Parts 1 - 4; Label: United Artists
Tom Waits - The Pontiac
Album: Smack My Crack; Label: Giorno Poetry Systems
Jack Kerouac - The History Of Bop
Album: ; Label:
Jimmie Giuffre Trio - The Train And The River
Album: The Sound Of Jazz; Label: Capitol
Prince Buster - Earthquake
Album: Prince Buster FABulous; Label: FAB
Muhammad Ali - Excerpt
Album: Ali and His Gang VS. Mr. Tooth Decay; Label:
3 Mustaphas 3 - A Chilling Tale Pt 4
Album: Bam! Mustaphas Play Stereo; Label: Globestyle
Laurie Anderson - It Was Up In The Mountains
Album: You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With; Label: Giorno Poetry Systems
Utah Phillips - Hanging On
Album: ; Label:
Wally Cox Narration - Ornithology
Album: A Musical History Of Jazz; Label: Grand Award Records
Air Date: 
September 23, 2008

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