9/19/2008 MN Soundtrack


Hosted by Jonathan and Nathan

Playlist Tracks: 
**Military Special - Warrant Error
Album: Untitled; Label: Self Released
**Aby Wolf - Kearg
Album: Sweet Prudence Preview; Label: Self Released
**Haroh - Companion Reunion
Album: Ruby Bridges; Label: Self-Released
**Patches and Gretchen - Dumb in the Dark
Album: Music from Big Little Pink; Label: High-Fedelity Records
**Mary Henderson and Geoff Shannon - Kansas Dancing
Album: Kansas Dancing; Label: Smoky Hill
**Superman Curl - Dressed to the Nines
Album: Self Titled; Label: Self Released
**Jeremy Messersmith - Miracles
Album: The Silver City; Label: Princess Records
Bouncer Fight - Country Bar
Album: Food Service-Soul; Label: Never Ender
Lazer Forever - Good Advice
Album: Visage Cage; Label: Balolong Records
Brass Kings - Company King Blues
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label: Dream Horse Records
In Cadeo - This Side of the Grave
Album: Self Titled; Label: Self Released
Brute Heart - In the Room
Album: Self Titled; Label: Self Released
Mother Banjo - Come Life
Album: Swing Low; Label: So-Low Records
Sara Johnson - The Garden Weeden
Album: Cornucopia; Label: Freedom From
E.V. - I Would Die For U
Album: Purple Rain Acapella; Label: Self Released
Prince - I Would Die For U
Album: Purple Rain; Label: WB
El Guante - Harry Potter
Album: El Guantes Studio Apartment; Label: Speakeasy Records
Smak 10K - The Lake City Monster
Album: Self Titled; Label: Self Released
Cloud Cult - When Water Comes to Life
Album: Feel Good Ghosts; Label: Earthology
The New Primitives - Wild Horses
Album: Going for Adds; Label: Self Released
Terracide - The Virus
Album: The Dead; Label: Self Released
Zebulon Pike - Howl of Wicca
Album: ; Label:
BACK GROUND MUSIC - John Zuma Saint-Devyn - American Raga
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
September 19, 2008

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