9/17/2008 Dart Gun Radio


Thank you Ryan for filling in for me this week! you're the best
here's his playlist

Preformed By Title

The Coral. The Operator
Daft Punk, Da Funk
Rage Against the Machine, Renegades of Funk
Immortal Technique w/Mumia Abdual Jamar , Home Land Hip Hop
Immortal Technique w/ Mos Def Dead Prez . Bin Laden Remix
[local]Cycil Otter. Tin Man
[local]Cloud Cult w/ G DUB. State of The Union.
Beasties Boys, Sure Shot European B-Boys Mix
Rage Against the Machine, How to be Played on a jukebox by Allan Ginsberg.
Marz Volta. cicretez esp
Theme From a Clockwork Orange
Transplants. DJ DJ
Rancid. Tropical London
[local]Fredrickson The Spider the Old Man
Hatebreed Rise of Brutality
System of a Down We Attack
Afrika Bombata the Soul Sonic Force . Looking for the Perfect Beat
NOFX (haha you hate them) Reeko
[local] Terracide. Walking Dead
Pearl Jam . Do the Evolution
Rammstein America
Dead Prez. Walk Like a Warrior + Hell Yeah
Anti-Flag You Can Kill the Protester But You Can't Kill the Protest.
System of A Down. War?
Terracide No Answer.
Go Go Bordello Immigrant
Bomb Funk MC's Free Styler

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September 17, 2008

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