9/12/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Form - It Happens That Way
Album: self-titled 7; Label: Twin-Tone
Neal Ford The Fanatics - I Can't Go On
Album: 7; Label: Caped Crusader
The Funseekers - Welcome To My Love
Album: Welcome To My Love 7; Label: Treehouse
The Cavegurls - Just Out Of Reach
Album: Just Out Of Reach +3 7; Label: Skull Duggery
Mary Weiss - My Heart Is Beating
Album: Dangerous Game; Label: Norton
Jack The Beanstalks - So Many Times
Album: v/a Teen Jangler Blowout!; Label: Teenage Shutdown
Neko Case - If You Knew
Album: The Tigers Have Spoken; Label: Anti
Denny Ezba - Revenge
Album: The Many Faces Of Denny Ezba; Label: Thanks to Kent in Sweden of the Hillbilly Rescue Team
Ben Vaughn combo - My First Band
Album: 7; Label: Telstar
Junior Varsity - Bam B-B-Bam Bam Bam
Album: Bam Bam Bam!; Label: Peek-A-Boo
Dex Romweber - Surfer Joe
Album: Surfer Joe 7; Label: Norton
The Howlin' Thu - Knucklewalk
Album: self-titled CD-EP; Label: www.howlingthurstons.com
King Solomon - Uncle John's Swingin' Farm
Album: v/a Stompin' 17 LP; Label:
Hasil Adkins - Chicken Wobble
Album: Drinkin' My LIfe Away; Label: Shake It
The Arondies - One Dead Chicken
Album: Introducing...; Label: Get Hip
(spot) 21 Sounds For the Sun Set LP radio ad -
Album: ; Label:
Buddy Starcher - History Repeats Itself
Album: 7; Label:
Homer Jethro - Great Men Repeat Themselves
Album: Wanted For Murder LP; Label:
Nelson Riddle and the Original TV Cast - Batusi A Go Go
Album: Batman Exclusive Soundtrack; Label:
Nelson Riddle and the Original TV Cast - Ordinary People
Album: Batman Exclusive Soundtrack; Label:
1971 Japanese Cast of Hair - Hair
Album: Hair soundtrack, Japanese cast; Label:
Takeshi Terauchi The Bunnys - The Flying Guitar
Album: Let's Go Terry; Label:
Famous Monsters - Monsters Over Tokyo!
Album: Around The World In 80 Bikinis; Label:
The Phantom Surfers - Tokio Twist
Album: Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against The Tormentos; Label:
Sight Sound - Little Jackie Monday
Album: v/a Let's Ride; Label: Psychic Circle
The Electric Duck - Most People Get Happy
Album: v/a Psychedelic Archeology, Vol. 6; Label: U-Spaces
The Sole Society - Psychedelic Cycle
Album: v/a Lost Souls, Vol. 1: Arkansas; Label: www.psychofthesouth.com
The Daybreakers - Psychedelic Siren
Album: v/a Garage Beat '66, Vol. 6; Label: Sundazed
Air Date: 
September 12, 2008

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