9/12/2008 MN Soundtrack


MN Soundtrack 9-12-08

Hosted by Jonathan, Nathan and Jackie

Lame Johnny Creek/Fake Science/For Our Children's Children
The Dot/Unbelievable/American Made Mix Tape/Spit Flame Entertainment
Brute Heart/Demons in the Shadows
Ben Weaver/White Snow/Ax in the Oak/Bloodshot

Ben Weaver/Anything With Words/Live in studio
Koerner, Ray and Glover/Lady Day/(Lots More) Blues, Rags and Hollers/Electra Records
Kill the Vultures/Moonshine/Locust Music
Mary Everest/Night Wish/Little Things/Firetrunk
Ben Weaver/Alligators and Owls/Ax in the Oak/Bloodshot

Ben Weaver/Dead Bird/Live in Studio
Dark Dark Dark/New York Song/The Snow Magic/Blood Onion
The Watch Tower Society/Busk With Nero

Birthday Suits/Winter Coat
Tender Meat/When We Dive Strangler/Tender Travels
Young Dudes/Chin Music/Young Dudes/Afternoon Records
Mute Era/Secertly Wished I Could/Light Dreams of Darkness
Zibra Zibra/A Robot Never Forgets/The End of the Lion
Bubblemath/TV Paid Off

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Air Date: 
September 12, 2008

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