9/5/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTERS: The 99ers - Surfers Are Back
Album: demo; Label: www.the99ers.com
Peter Gordon - Lady Godiva
Album: 7; Label: Capitol
The Triumphs - Susie In Hist'ry Class
Album: Surfside Date 7 EP; Label: Norton
The Cosmic Psychos - Some Girls
Album: split 7 with the Melvins; Label: Gearhead
The Bradley Boys - Lovin Class
Album: v/a Struttin'; Label: Buffalo Bop
The Flakes - Back To School
Album: Back To School; Label: Dollar Record
Traces Of Time - Oh Bob
Album: v/a Fuzz, Flaykes Shakes, Vol. 2; Label: Dionysus
The Litter - Substitute
Album: Distortions reish; Label: Arf Arf
Grump - Heartbreak Hotel
Album: v/a Lost Sixties Delights, Vol. 3; Label: U-Spaces
Homer Jethro - At The Flop
Album: 7; Label: RCA Victor
The Go-Gos - Bustin' Buns
Album: The Hondells, Vol. 3: Aliases And Alternatives; Label: ATM
The Awkwards - Number Munchers
Album: Minimum Maintenance Music; Label: Obese Pirate
Laundromat Vacation - Escalator
Album: demo; Label: www.laundromatvacation.com
Norma Tracy The Cinderella Kids - Skateboard Song
Album: v/a Girls In The Garage, Vol. 8; Label: Romulan
Charlie Ryan - The Dart And The Lincoln
Album: ; Label: 4-Star
Arkie Shibley - Hot Rod Race #2
Album: Hot Rod Race; Label: Collector
Moore Napier - Hot Rod Kids And Women Drivers
Album: ; Label: CD-R
George Jones - Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
Album: Cup Of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years; Label: Mercury
Del Shannon - Ramblin' Man
Album: ...Sings Hank Williams reish; Label: Bug
The Byrds - Bugler
Album: Farther Along; Label: Columbia
The Black Lips - Oh Katrina
Album: Good Bad Not Evil; Label: Vice
Research 1-6-12 - I Don't Walk There No More
Album: v/a Highs In The Mid-Sixties, Vol. 3 LP; Label: AIP
The Gruesomes - Get Outta My Hair
Album: Tyrants Of Teen Trash; Label: Ricochet Sound
Air Date: 
September 5, 2008

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