9/5/2008 MN Soundtrack


MN Soundtrack 9/5/08

Hosted by Jonathan and Nathan

Tender Meat/When We Dive Strangler/Tender Travels
Basement Apartment/Intact/ mpls ltd
Watchtower Society/ Space Marines/Unicornseverywherealways
Monobongo/Meoi/mpls ltd

Dosh/Ankle Deep and Rising/ Powder Horn
To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie/ I 20/ Retire Early
Bouncer Fighter/ Late Night Baking Shift/ Service Industry Soul

Ashtray Hearts/Side A Track
Nikki Schultz/Docile Bodies/ Lost and Found (and Lost Again)
Jenny Dalton/Candence vs Hugo Varoglis/ Carbon Lilly Remixes

Gay Beast/Disrobics/Disrobics
Overthruster/Frozen Banana Blues
Mojo Spleens/ Too Drunk For Surf Punk
Bridge Club/ 5000lb Bombs/ mpls ltd

International Novelty Gamelan Group/Origami Flotilla
Lifter Puller/Back in Blackbeard/Soft Rock/ The Self-Starter Foundation
The Yoleus/Nightmarecirclevision/Nightmarecirclevision
Brute Heart/ Nevermind/Brute Heart

Ben Weaver/White Snow/The Ax in the Oak/Bloodshot Records
Jello Slave/Frank on the Highway/Sugarfoot Music

Trampled by Turtles/Ceiling Slide/Trouble

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Air Date: 
September 5, 2008

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