8/21/2008 Fresh Fruit


“These conventions are one of the most active places where the two parties reach into the space of the cultural imagination, . . .
And that is a place that we as artists have a claim to and also
have a responsibility to be present to.”_–Sharon Hayes, in Julie Bloom, “Your (Nonpartisan) Message Here,” NYT, Aug. 18, 2008:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/17/arts/design/17bloo.html?_r=1ref=artspa...

*Join Dixie Treichel and John Townsend*
*Thursday August 21 - 7:30pm-8;30pm*

*Love, Art and Politics*

*Larry Havluck, Two Spirit singer, songwriter, guitarist*- *Performing Live in the studio*

*Sharon Hayes, Artist, Writer, Performer*

*Minnesota State Capitol Grounds, September 1, 2008 at 3:30 PM (time subject to change)*

New York–based artist Sharon Hayes will conceive and stage two large-scale, public performances at both the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions as part of Creative Time’s summer-long, national program Democracy in America: The National Campaign. Hayes will recruit and collaborate with 75-100 LGBT citizens in each city who will become the medium of her work by reciting, in unison, a text written by Hayes that addresses the relationship between political desire and romantic desire. The speakers will recite the 10- to 20-minute texts approximately
3 times over the course of 2 hours. Reacting against the tendency of groups to polarize feelings about homosexuality for political gain, Hayes describes these performances as personal addresses to the power structure, or a group of people speaking their hearts as one.

Creative Time:http://creativetime.org with the Walker Art Center:http://http://performingarts.walkerart.org/detail.wac?id=4590title=Upcom... and the UnConvention:http://theunconvention.com

Hayes will lead a postproduction conversation about this project and her work in video, performance, and installation. Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 6:30 pm, Minneapolis College of Art and Design:http://www.mcad.edu, Free

*June Ahern, Author, Teacher, Psychic*

The Skye in June, is a colorful, funny and poignant mystery of an immigrant family.
June MacDonald's fate is sealed the day she is born when her mother, Cathy, defies her husband, Jimmy, by giving their new daughter a pagan name instead of a Catholic saint's, as is their tradition. The decision forever sets the MacDonald family on a course for disaster, and no one can foresee that June will grow up to threaten their religious beliefs.

June Ahern:http://www.juneahern.com, like her main character, was born in Glasgow, Scotland and immigrated to San Francisco California in the mid-1950’s. She attended parochial school in one of San Francisco’s most famous neighborhoods -- Eureka Valley (now known as “The Castro.” ) Since the early ‘80’s she has practiced Wicca and witchcraft. She is a longtime queer ally, has a son and lives on the coast in California with her husband, dog, cat and horses.
As a successful Personal and Professional Life Coach as well as an Intuitive Arts Mentor, teacher and author, June Ahern has taught many people to manifest their visions to fulfillment.
Her book, A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling, was the number one seller by an unknown author at the 1991 Whole Life Expo in New York where she was a featured speaker.

*Scott Mayer, founder/producer*

spark24:http://www.spark24.org , is a newly formed organization comprised of members of arts organizations, business representatives, and the hospitality industry. A 24-hour cultural marathon of free entertainment will take place the weekend before the Republican National Convention at Peavey Plaza and Orchestra Hall on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. In addition, over 60 venues, ranging from restaurants and bars to hotels and retail stores, will feature live entertainment during the 24-hour period. The festivities, offered free to both visitors and local residents, will offer something for adults and families.
*The action will kick off at 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 30*
*and culminate at 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 31*

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Larry Havluck - Michele Bachmann
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Janis Ian - When You Love Someone
Album: God the FBI; Label: Windham Hill
Larry Havluck - The Republicans Are Coming to Our Town
Album: Live in the Studio; Label:
Larry Havluck - Larry Craig
Album: Live in the Studio; Label:
Janis Ian - God the FBI
Album: God the FBI; Label: Windham Hill