8/20/2008 Echo Chamber


DJ Baby Swiss goes solo once again in the Echo Chamber. And, despite the fact that he arrived empty-handed (and had to rely on KFAI's CD library), he cooked up a real fun ecelectic mix. Helping out the situation was the hand-delivered new King Tubby vs. The Assessor disc (Big Up Jeremy!). Loads of funn indeed.
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material
*Michael Franti Spearhead - Rude Boys Back In Town / All Rebel Rockers [Boo Boo Wax-Anti-]
Chin Chin - Appetite / [Definite Jux]
Lee Scratch Perry - Fight to the Finish / Panic in Babylon [Narnack]
-Twilight Archive - Chat Noir / Ritual Fiction [electrophonogram]
Roots of Creation - Oh Lord / Live [Harmonized](bumper)
*The Assessor - Straight to the Elephant Head / King Tubby vs. The Assessor - RNCNTXT [unreleased]
10ft. Ganja Plant - Off Road Version Jah Will Go On / ...Presents [I Town-ROIR]
Library Science - Overpass Mika / The Chancellor [Happi Tyme]
Emo (vs. Djosos Krost) - This Is My Home (tt) / [Stereo Deluxe]
Soul Merchants - Sauce Chronicles / ...if you like music [Stubborn]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Echo Chamber / Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]
Secret Panels vs. The Assessor vs. King Tubby vs. The Assessor mix, featuring:
KTVA: Rough Drone Straight To The Elephant Head Bitter Harvest / RNCNTXT
mixing it up with_SPVA: Dye Your Hair Dub One I Want Dub Beminded Dub Strangedub
Paradise Dub Vegas Dub Changedub Honeymoon Dub
various tracks from the dj team Hybrid and their *new mix disc Soundsystem 01 [Nettwerk]
Lostep - 6AM Sedna Andy Page - Yellow Tracksuit Vector Lovers - Last Day of Winter
Stefan Anion - Das Land Spricht (Post Apocalypse) Spooky - The River
Mutant Frogs - Ocean Moon / Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]
Mutant Frogs - Cassini at Titan / Warts 'n' all [Skankworks-IMT]
John Brown's Body - Follow Into Shadow / Pressure Points [Easy Star-I-Town]
Sly Robbie vs. Dubblestandart vs. Dillinger - 10 Tons of Dope / v.a. Trust. Belief. Love. Respect. [Select Cuts]
Prince Fatty - Milk and Honey In My Dub / Survival of the Fattest [Rasa]
Michael Franti Spearhead - Life In The City / All Rebel Rockers [Boo Boo Wax-Anti-]
Zero One - Future (autozone mix) / Ozone [Waveform]
Sub Dub - Babylon Unite 1 2 / ep's original masters 1993-95 [theAgriculture]
Future Pigeon - Yuppy Conqueror / The Echodelic Sounds of Future [Record Collection]
Yabby You ft. Tommy McCook - Steppin' High / Dub it to the Top [Blood Fire]

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Air Date: 
August 20, 2008