7/31/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Hull, Dakota Dave* : New Shirt
*Holiday, Billie* : Summertime
*Kress, Carl McDonough, Dick* : Heat Wave
*Macon, Uncle Dave* : In the Good Old Summertime
*Jackson, Cliff his Crazy Cats* : Torrid Rhythm
*Cochran, Eddie* : Summertime Blues
*Patton, Charlie* : Some Summer Day
*Louisiana Five* : Summer Days
*Golden Gate Quartet* : Summer Rain
*Dominoes* : Summertime Gal
*Jones, Isham his Orchestra* : After the Storm
*Napoleon’s Emperors* : Getting Hot
*Carter Family* : Dark and Stormy Weather
*Hooker, John Lee* : It’s Stormin’ and Rainin’
*Carr, Leroy* : Stormy Night Blues
*Texas Alexander* : Ninety-Eight Degree Blues
*Codallo’s Top Hatters Orchestra* : Tropical Heat
*Van Ronk, Dave* : River Come Down
*Mills Blue Rhythm Band* : Heat Waves
*Lunsford, Bascom Lamar* : On a Bright and Summer’s Morning
*Happy Six* : The First Rose of Summer
*Delmore Brothers* : When It’s Summertime in a Southern Clime
*Jones and Collins Astoria Hot Eight* : Damp Weather
*Goofus Five* : Lazy Weather
*Lion* : Blow Wind Blow
*O’Daniel, W. Lee his Hillbilly Boys* : Get Hot
*Armstrong, Louis his Hot Five* : Hotter than That
*Hill, Jesse May* : God Rode in the Windstorm
*Fluson, Lowell* : Stormin’ and Rainin’
*Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet* : Stormy Weather
*Ellington Duke* : Warm Valley
*Hoopii, Sol’s Novelty Quartette* : Under the Tropical Moon
*Jordan, Louis his Tympany Five* : Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Cryin’
*Powell, Dirk* : Waterbound
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Bigtop Waltz

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Air Date: 
July 31, 2008

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