7/25/2008 MN Soundtrack


MN Soundtrack. July 25, 2008. Hosted by Jackie, Nathan and Jonathan.

Aviette/Yours and Mine/The Way We Met/Draw Fire Records
Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble/Where the Cutthroats Stay/Afternoon Records
Zibra Zibra/Tick Tock/Supplemental Material/Royalty Etc. Records
Maps of Norway/Traffic

Ghost in the Water/I'm Not Afraid of Falling/Tooth/Hidden Shoal
Ghost in the Water/Push Pins and Tape (Little Ghost Remix)/Tape Club Records
Ghost in the Water/Cardinal Red ( 4TRAKZ Remix)
Ghost in the Water/Magic Wand/Tooth/Hidden Shoal

Ghost in the Water/How to Draw a Ghost/Tooth/Hidden Shoal
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie/ Lovers Liars
Useless Wooden Toys/Wicked Game of Skate/Twin Cities Hardcore Compilation
Look Book/Believe the Hype
Now Now Every Children/Not One,But Two/Not One, But Two EP

Solid Gold/Bible Thumper/Who You Gonna Run To?
Awesome Snakes/Shut Up!/Vemon/Crustacen Records
Haunted House/Forest Fire
Loe The Nastys/Lovin' Way

Birthday Suits/Winter Coat

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Air Date: 
July 25, 2008

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