7/18/2008 MN Soundtrack


July 18, 2008. Hosted by Nathan and Jonathan.

*Small White/Tabbox2/Do it Till it Ends.
*Bard Senne/Caroline to Maine/Shapes That Shift Us.
*Break Sea Caravel/Pissenka Drewnianych Lalek
*A Night in the Box/The Legend of Kevin Mitsch/Write a Letter/Afternoon Records

Martin Devaney/Impressions/September/Eclectone Records
Maria Isa/Yo Lo Quireo/Lightning and Thunder Vol. 1
The Alarmists/On The Way/The Ghost and the Hired Gun

The Painted Saints/Tinder/The Bricks Might Breathe Again/Sopping Thursday Records
Daughters Of the Sun/ Talking Heaven Blues/Visions of the Ocean Head
Hymies Basement/Ghost Dream/Lex
El Guante/Flicker (Redux)/Haunted Studio Apartment/Speakeasy Records

Skoal Kodiak/ Nerve Dice/ Three People Are Keep Having Grape Emergencys
Knife World/Salutations from Ancient Cum
The Yoleus/Nightmarecirclevision
The Vighettes/Ride the Wave

Dark Dark Dark/ All The Things/The Snow Magic
Dreamland Faces/ Circle a Waltz
Orkestar Bez Ime/Krivo Sadovsko Horo(Bulagria)

Ganglion/Shadows Lengthen Into Blades/Of The Deep
A Life Without/Stay Classy

Hello Blue/ I Guess I/First Chance to Make a Last Impression
Aneuretical/Million Dollar Man/Afternoon Records
Spiritual Mansions/Danny B. Cool/Give Us Your Hearts/Afternoon Records

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July 18, 2008

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