7/14/2008 Freewheelin'

Playlist Tracks: 
* Juke Joint Duo (Cedric Burnside Lightning Malcolm) - I Don't Just Sing About The Blues
Album: Juke Joint Duo; Label: Soul I Chealp
* Silver Lions 20/20 - Cat Squirrel Blues
Album: Silver Lions 20/20; Label: Sweet Velvet
Tarbox Ramblers - Jack Of Diamonds
Album: Tarbox Ramblers; Label: Rounder
* Black Eyed Snakes - No Good Daddy
Album: Rise Up; Label: Chairkickers Music
* Night In The Box - West Texas
Album: Write A Letter; Label: Afternoon Records
Johnston, richard - That's No Way To Get Along
Album: foot Hill Stomp; Label: FTRC
* Black Diamond Heavies - Bidin' My Time
Album: A Touch Of Someone Else's Class; Label: Alive
Boogaloosa Prayer - Goin' Over The Hill
Album: I Feel Like Shit (the name of the album, not my personal feelings); Label: Danger Limited
Cage, Robert - Liza Jane
Album: Can See What You're Doin'; Label: Fat Possum
Maker, Willen - Outside The Limits
Album: Stars Fell On; Label: Masterworks
Biram, Scott - Wreck My Car
Album: This Is Kingsbury; Label: Knuckle Sandwich
Biram, Scott - Only Jesus
Album: Graveyard Shift; Label: Bloodshot
Cotton, Chris - I Watched The Devil Die
Album: I Watched The Devil Die; Label: Yellow dog
Log, Bob (III) - Log Bomb
Album: Log Bomb; Label: Fat Possum
Possessed by Paul James - Warden's Wife
Album: Possessed by Paul James; Label:
Reverend Deadeye - Jesus Knockin'
Album: Reverend Deadeye; Label:
Gravelroad - I Shot The Devil
Album: Shot The Devil; Label:
Air Date: 
July 14, 2008

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