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PLAYLIST July 7, 2008

Artist / Song / Album / Label
*denotes artist's debut on Jet Set Planet

*The Mods/Spanish Flea/Mods salute to Herb Alpert /Columbia

Neal Hefti/The Flintstones/Themes from TVs Top 12 /Reprise

Mary Kaye Trio/Day In Day Out/Jackpot!/WB

Sam (The Man) Taylor/Marnie/Somewhere in the Night/Decca

Ted Nash/The Floaters/Peter Gunn /Crown

*Rusty Warren/Enlarged/Knockers Up! /Jubilee

Peter Nero/Fiddler on the Roof/Nero-ing on the Hits /RCA

*Mariano the Unbelievables/Wack Wack/Mariano the Unbelievables /Capitol

Lalo Schifrin/Dissolving/There’s a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin’ On/Dot

Randy Heller Percussionists/Dream of My Life/Percussion Fiesta /PRI

Frankie Laine/The Swamp Girl/Call of the Wild/Columbia

101 Strings/Baghdad/East of Suez/Alshire

Gene Rains/Strange Cargo/Call of the Tropics /Vocalion

Sleepwalk Guitars of Dan Dale/The Bomb/Thuderball /Diplomat

Eddie Dunstedter/Wailana (Drowsy Waters)/Where Dreams Come True /Capitol

Martin Denny/Raftero/Afro-Desia /Liberty

Arnie Derksen Chise/Similou/Arne Derksen Chise

*The Surfers/High Tide/Return to Paradise /Hi-Fi

Rene Touzet Mr. Cha Cha Cha/Blue Moon/Too Much!/GNP

Peter Thomas/Love is a Many Splendoured Thing /Sounds in Super Stereo

*Pete Winslow/Girl on the Test Card/Girl on the Test Card

Green Future/Honey Rhythm and Butter/Easy Tempo 1/Right Tempo

*Fritz Maldener Orchestra/Riding Easy /Speedy Buggy

John Neel/Big Sur Love-Set/Amazing Marching Machine/Epic

Billy Strange/Deep Purple/Mr. Guitar /Sunset

*Graham Walker Sound/Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In /Famous TV Themes

Pete Rugolo / Precinct 87 / TV's Top Themes / Mercury

*Vic Mizzy/Daybreak at Malibu/Don’t Make Waves Make Love/MGM

*BBC Sporting Themes/World Series

Lalo Shifrin / Secret Code / A Whole Lot of Lalo Schifrin Goin' On / Dot

Trombones Unlimited/Copy Cat/You’re Gonna Hear from Me (US!)/Liberty

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July 7, 2008

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