7/4/2008 MN Soundtrack


**First Communion Afterparty/2CB/Sorry for all the Mondays and Those Who Cannot Sing/MPLS. ltd.

**St. Paul Slim/Blackout/Lightening and Thunder Vol 1/Tru Ruts

**Small White/Melting Microphones/Do it Till it Ends/

**Atomic Flea/babadebaba/babadebaba/keen records


**Maria Isa/Yo Lo Quiero/M.I. Split Personalities/Copycats

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie/Lover and Liars

God Damn Doo Wop Band/Roof tops of Banger/Broken Hearts/Afternoon Records

Umbrella Sequence/Urban Lull/Events/Princess Records

**Dynamiters/Do as you're told/The Dynamiters/


City on the Make/Pocket full of Copper/In the Name of Progress/Jmarks Music

**Roma Di Luna/Casting the Blues/Trouble Down the Road

Dark Dark Dark/New York Song/The Snow Magic/Blood Onion Records

**Breaksea Caravel/Irish Rebel Song/

**Now Now Every Children/Everyone Yo Know/In the City EP/Afternoon Records

Vampire Hands/Statuette/Me and You Cherry Red/Peppermint Coffins


Baby Guts/Badmouth/The Kissing Disease/Guilt Ridden Pop

McVl/Amazing Grace/Jaws

Zibra Zibra/Robot/The End of the Lion/

Skoal Kodiak/Harpie/

Mute Era/The Way She Played Back/Night Dreams of Day


Battle Royale/Wake Me Up/Wake Up, Thunderbabe/Afternoon Records

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Air Date: 
July 4, 2008

The Minnesota Sound Archives