7/2/2008 Echo Chamber


DJ Baby Swiss rides solo inna Echo Chamber. A c-r-a-z-y mix featuring Mayd Hubb, Dub in a Nutshell, Sounds From the Ground, Pete Murder Tone, Karsh Kale, The Technician, KingRat, Easy Star All Stars, Pablo Gad, and more. Crucial...

Artist - Track / Album [Label]
Jamaica Super Dub - Dub Star / Jamaica Super Dub Session [Wackies]
The Upsetter - Thunderball / s-t [Trojan]
Easy Star All Stars - Subterranean Homesick Alien / Radiodread [Easy Star]
Manasseh meets The Equalizer - Underground / Step Like Pepper [Select Cuts]
Scott White meets The Technician - I Feel Like The Instrumental /
Terminal Cheesecake - King of All Spaceheads [Jackass]
Tassilli Players - Moonwalking / v.a. The Egg Files [Universal Egg]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - A 5th of Funn Spiral Arms Dub / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Mayd Hubb - (London Station) Decline of Rome (Atlantic Ocean) Sea Train / (both tks.) The Blue Train [Komodo Dragon]
The Lions - Jungle Struttin' (tt) Sweet Soul Music / [Ubiquity]
Tranquility Bass - We All Want to Be Free / Beep! [Astralwerks]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Cowfrog / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Pete Murder Tone - Sabra and Shatila Dub Familia - Train Goes / (both tks.) v.a. Dubnight v.2 [Big Vibez-Reggaetown.de]
Karsh Kale - Distance (Mighty Junn's What's That Sound In The Garage mix) / ep [6º]
Pablo Gad - Blood Suckers Dub / Trafalgar Square [Reggae On Top]
Wauvenfold - Selenium Pulse / 3fold [Tiger Style-Wichita]
*Wanted - One Day Get Ready / Come Along [Black Wolf-Pyramid]
Yabby You - Steppin' High ft. Tommy McCook / Dub It To The Top 1976-1979 [BF]
we(TM) - Ririka / Square Root of Negative One [Asphodel]
*The Orb - Codes / the dream [6º]
Dub in a Nutshell - You May Never Know ft. Paul St. Hilaire Lucid ft. Josee Hurlock / s-t [self release]

3 cuts from v.a. Quango Sport [Quango]:
Cool Breeze - Can;t Deal With This (Kid Loops vocal mix)
Cloud 9 - Jazzmin
Doc Scott - Far Away (14 Flavors of Funk)

Sounds From The Ground - Drawn to the Woman / v.a. Three A.D. [Waveform]

3 more from v.a. Quango Sport [Quango]:
Aqua Ska - Dezires (DJ Krust mix)
Kid Loops - Alien Resident
Adam F. - Circles

KingRat - I.D. / KingRat LP [self release]

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Air Date: 
July 2, 2008