6/23/2008 Jet Set Planet


Hal Blaine - Trippin' Out (June) / Psychedelic Percussion [Harkit]
Teddy Mertens, His Trumpet Orch. - Marijuana Brass / Another Crazy Cocktail Party [RCA]
Tony Hatch his Orch. - The Champions / the best of... [Castle]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Spiral Arms Dub / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]

A couple of Lower-Than-Fi goodies by the Sun and the Duke thrown into this next set.
Sun Ra his Arkestra - Spontaneous Simplicity / Music from Tomorrow's World [Unheard Music
Dixieland Goes Progressive - Muskrat Ramble / v.a. Best of Crest ep [Crest]
Duke Ellington - Conga Brava / Ko-Ko - Masterpieces 1926-1949 [Proper]
The Peanuts - Koi no Fuga (Japanese English mix d.j.'d together by yours truly) / (both
versions) Dream Box [King Japan]

(bumper) Mutant Frogs - The Audiopharmacological Hallounginations of Three 2-Headed Frogs / It's
One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]

Below, the twin Planets paid tribute to the late, great
Earl Root (Of All Evil, and of KFAI for most of the
station's existence. The Root's merry crew of
molten metal mischief makers carries the tradition on every
Saturday night-Sunday morning 1:a.m.-6:a.m. on KFAI
90.3/106.7 The Air_ ...we're fresh!)

Bob Feldman his group - Devil / The Big Bossa Nova [Coronet]
Gary McFarland - Shadows Are Falling / Today [Skye]
Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble / Main Title and Background to
Murder from Touch
of Evil / I Dig [Innova]
Peeping Toms - Girl from Ipanema / same [Grover]

(I swear on a stack of Necronomicons that a caller actually requested Ipanema in honor of
Earl_ I couldn't make this up! Now, picture me, standing upright, both feet planted firmly on
the aforementioned stack, screeching out the newly late George Carlin's infamous list of the
Seven Dirty at the top of my lungs... yeah, I know, the basic joke's probably older than I am,
even if the particular details aren't. Still... Rant In Peace, George.)

(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Chase Me Through Space / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]

Rio Carnival Orchestra - Brazil / Honeymoon in South America [Stereo Fidelity]
Enoch Light
presents Tony Mottola - Lush and Lovely / Lush, Latin and Lovely [Project 3]
Richard Hayman his orch. - Flirtango / Reminiscing with... [Mercury]
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Lymedison / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
Roger Williams - Temptation (tt) / [Kapp]
Paul Horn Quintet - Half and Half / Something Blue [hifijazz]
(also s-t [Everest Archive of Folk and Jazz])
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - A 5th of Funn / It's One Of Ours [Skankworks-IMT]
(Emanuel) Vardi the Medallion Strings and Percussion - Hop Scotch Polka
/ Pilsner Pretzels Polka [Medallion-Kapp]
Ferko String Band - My Fair Lady medley / The World Renowned Ferko String Band On
Broadway [Sure]
David Broekman his orch.: Cable Car San
Francisco / Music from Wide Wide World [RCA-Victor]
Phil Collins Big Band
(yes, THAT Phil Collins!) - That's All / a hot night in paris [Atlantic]

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June 23, 2008

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