6/20/2008 Voice Cried Softly


FLYING LIZARDS: Money (That's What I Want) 1979
HAWKWIND: Paradox [1973 I think]
FUCK KNIGHTS: Primitive [local 2008]
SIR RICHARD BISHOP: Rub'Al Khali (Polytheistic Fragments0 Drag City 2007
FINN RIGGINS: Box Elder (A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer) Tender Loving Empire 200
THE NEW ZOO REVUE: some kids record from 1972
THE IDLE RACE: I Like My Toys (The Birthday Party) 1968
BLACK CANDY: Revolution Winter (Candanista) Hot Spaghetti 2004
JUDAS PRIEST: Tyrant (Sad Wings of Destiny) Janus 1976
SUNSET RUBDOWN: For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering) (Random Spirit Lover) Jagjaguwar 2007
TICKLEY FEATHER: The Python (self) Paw Tracks 2008
BUM KON: Nancy Reagan Fashion Show (Drunken Sex Sucks) Smoosh 1983
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Albuquerque (Running with Scissors) 1999
LAURA BARRETT: Stop Giving Your Children Standardized Tests, Part One (Earth Sciences) Paper Bag 2008
SPROTON LAYER: Pretty Pictures, Now (With Magnetic Fields Disrupted) NewAlliance 1971
SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE: Morning Song (This Is Fire) Secret Eye 2008
THE FALL: Various Times 1977
PINK FLOYD: Fat Old Sun (Atom Heart Mother) 1970
MARIEE SIOUX: Wizard Flurry Home (Faces in the Rocks) Grass Roots 2007
THANK YOU: Sun Sons [local] (Sun Sons) HTIKRI 2007

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June 20, 2008

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