6/13/2008 MN Soundtrack


6/13/08 Hosted by Jackie and Nathan

** means new

** Haley Bonar/Arms of Harm/Big Star/Afternoon Records
** Roma Di Luna/Trouble Down the Road/Casting the Bones
** Dreamland Faces/Circle a Waltz/Dreamland Faces/
**El Guante/Esta Tarde/Haunted Studio Apartment/Speakeasy Records


** A Night in the Box/Rich Man's Table/Write A Letter/Afternoon Records
Awesome Snakes/Shut Up/Venom/Crustean
Polara/eFlat/Bee Keeping/Susstones
Plastic Chord/Drive There and Back/Colonial Cunudrum
Papa John Kolstad/Mill City Blues/Alive and Well at the Gingko/


Down Lo and Deploi/Old School/In Our World
Ghost in the Water/I'm Not Afraid/of Falling/Tooth\
Mystery Palace/Every Hour/Flags Forward/Terrible Hands
Estate/Let her Ride/


Replacements/Birthday Gal/All for Nothing/Reprise
Bellwether/I Thought That You Were Dead/Seven and Six/Rustbelt Records
P.O.S./Stand Up
M.anifest/Babylon Breakdown
Low/Breaker/Drums and Guns/Sub Pop
Cloud Cult/Breakfast With my Shadow/Aurora Borrealis/Earthology


Suicide Commandos/Attacking the Beat/

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Air Date: 
June 13, 2008

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