6/6/2008 MN Soundtrack


6/6/08 Hosted by Jackie and Nathan

**El Guante/Harry Potter/Haunted Studio Apartment/Speakeasy Records

**Dark Dark Dark/Colors/The Snow Magic/Blood Onion Records

**Mercurial Rage/Star Star/Self Titled/Mpls. Ltd.

**Maria Isa/Yo Lo Quiero/Lightning and Thunder Vol. 1:Highstylekyle and Tru Ruts compilation


Sicbay/Spazz/The Hits od L.S.D. Vol. 1/

Slim Dunlap/Just for the Hell of It/The Old New Me/Twin Tone

Vampire Hands/Me and You Cherry Red/Me and You Cherry Red/Peppermint Coffins

Leroy Smokes/Inscent/Love Hustle Theater/Smokesignyl Productions


City on the Make/Royal Rustoleum Blues/In the Name of Progress/Jmarks Music

**A Night In the Box/By the Sea/Write a Letter/Afternoon Records

Red Fox Grey Fox/The Day You Accept Jesus Into Your Heart Is The Day I'll Quit Smoking/From the Land of Bears, Ice and Rock/Sah Ray


Holloween Alaska/State Trooper/Self Titled/East Side Digital

A Whisper In the Noise/Armament/Dry Land

Stuart Davis/Easter/What/Dharma Pop

Gospel Gossip/Wind/Sing Into My Mouth/Guilt Ridden Pop


P.O.S./ Audition / RSE

Brother Ali/Forest Whitaker/Rhymesayers

Carnage/Bring the Soul Back Continued/Sense of Sound/Hecatomb

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Air Date: 
June 6, 2008

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