6/4/2008 Dart Gun Radio


What a week. - a week about everyone I'll be missing.
A weird night too... something odd in the air. Lots of calls, fighting in the streets, odd atmosphere - it's like all the world is upside down.

1st off - Earl... what can I say. I can't do an appropriate memorial to you.... because - who else could do you better than you. it has always been a tribute to you and your show when ever metal has been played on this show. I always sent kids to your show when they called looking for Slayer etc. WIll i play it - TOTALLY, Happily, but I wanted to send them to the best. Someone who knows, lived, and breathed the stuff.
I like the way someone at your funeral put it - you were just needed elsewhere. Like there is short of rock where ever you are. You're not gone, just out of plain sight is the way i think of it. you're around. just terribly missed.

Another person missed... Kira, we are always thinking of you. I think there is no way in this circumstance that justice is possible. A super super-nova personality like you, so magnetic, such great taste in music and art.... Nothing will make this fair, even, just, settled, ... nothing. I just hope you're peaceful. There are 100s of things I wish i could tell you, and I've been trying to figure out all night what i was going to write. I've ... I've got nothing good enough.
It's just not fair.


on a lighter note - NEXT WEEK:::
Sound-artists DJ-DEATHFACE will be coming on to present some new work, and play some records from home, of 666 (whoa... my cat just stepped in the computer and just wrote that 666 - o.k. so even the cat's in the mood for this)
Anywayyyyyyy..... and playing some music of importance etc etc. It should be cool, and something totally new for the show. Live music. should be a new experience.

Anyway, there's the awkward part... me writing. I suggest going to the site, and just listening to the music. New Free Kitten, new Atmosphere, some old stuff, new stuff... some stuff...
feeellingggssss... nothing more than feeeeelllllliiningggsss.

GREAT REQUESTS this week as well:
Crisis (as per usual from Rock and Roll Riva)
Six Fingered Satellite (that was the shit. Couldn't find my baby has rabies but i did what I could.)
Supernova (which i didn't get to, but next week)

Anyway... as per usual - this show is aired after 12am, and directed towards an adult audience... it does not reflect the values etcetc of KFAI... it's just me doing my thing, and you know... so just keep this in mind. I figure if shows like House have to have a disclaimer then, i no doubt too... so does just about everything i guess.

so all things stated.

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How Does it Feel?
Album: Music for Insect Minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Yardbirds - Honey in your Hips
Album: London 1963 first recordsing (live); Label: Compleat Records (dude, i really is spelled like that! Compleat, Not complete)
Yard Birds - Who Do you Love
Album: London 1963 the First Recordings; Label: Compleat Records
Sonny Boy Williams the Yardbird - I Don't Care No more
Album: Live in London unreleased takes and titles; Label: Compleat Records
Sonny Boy Williams the Yardbird - take it easy baby
Album: Live in London unreleased takes and titles; Label: Compleat Records
Pixes - Break my Body
Album: Surfa Rosa; Label: 4AD / Rough Trade
the Circles - Bells are Tolling
Album: Private World; Label: Detour Records
***Haze XXL - Socialisms Inevitable Failure
Album: A Purge of Dissidents; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
***H•O•F - Maggot Is
Album: F.T.W. 7; Label: AMREP
Sicbay - Spazz
Album: 7 split with Valina; Label: self released
***Free Kitten - the Poet
Album: Inherit; Label:
***Free Kitten - Billboard
Album: Inherit; Label:
Godbullies - Ordinary Man
Album: War on Everybody; Label: AMREP
Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad
Album: Best of the skeletons in the closet; Label: AM records
***Radiohead - Karma Police
Album: Best of...; Label: Capitol
Diamanda Galas - You must be certain of the DEvil
Album: You must be certain of the Devil; Label: Mute records
Diamanda Galas - Let my people go
Album: You must be certain of the Devil; Label: Mute records
**** Gnarls Barkley - Charity Case
Album: the Odd Couple; Label: Downtown records
Naked Raygun - Live Wire
Album: Jettison; Label: Caroline
Naked Raygun - the Mule
Album: Jettison; Label: Caroline
the Haunted - Hollowed Ground
Album: ; Label: Earache
Slayer - Raining blood
Album: Reign in Blood; Label: Def Jam
Manowar - Gates of Valhalla
Album: Into Glory Ride; Label: Megaforce records
Crisis - Kingdom's End
Album: the Hollowing; Label: Metal Blade
Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disaster
Album: Not So Indian; Label: Self Released
***Heroine Sheiks - be a man
Album: Journey to the End of the Knife; Label: AMREP
Minutemen - Paranoid Chant
Album: Introducing the Minutemen; Label: SST records
the Blue Up - Pink turns to Blue
Album: V/A - The Twin Cities REplays Zen Arcade; Label: Synapse Records
***Atmosphere - Dreamer
Album: When Life Gives you Lemons you Turn that Shit Gold; Label: Rhymesayers
Blue Scholars - Bayani
Album: Bayani; Label: Rawkus Records
Stranglers - Rok it to the Moon
Album: Stranglers - no more heroes; Label:
Baiterspace - the Sun
Album: Capsul; Label:
Air Date: 
June 4, 2008

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