5/15/2008 Fresh Fruit


*Fresh Fruit 30th Birthday Breakout!*

*One of the original shows on KFAI since May 1978 Fresh Fruit joins KFAI in turning 30 years old*

Please join *Hosts Dixie Treichel John Townsend*
*Thursday, May 15, 2008 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm CST*

with Guests:
*Rob Yaeger, Nona Caspers, Larry Havluck, Claire Avitabile*

*Rob Yaeger*, past Fresh Fruit host kicks off our year long 30th Birthday Bash with stories and memories of his days on KFAI.

Nona Caspers:http://www.nonacaspers.com/, author, joins us via phone to talk about her recent book of stories HEAVIER THAN AIR that just came out in paperback. It was an Editors' Choice in the New York Times Book Review and received the Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction. Nona migrated from rural Minnesota to San Francisco where she teaches creative writing at San Francisco State University and lives in the city with her girlfriend and little dog. Nona will also share her memories of listening to Fresh Fruit during her Minneapolis days.

*Larry Havluck* Minneapolis 2 Spirit singer/songwriter performs live in the studio and talks about his new CD *Topical Island Getaway* and his upcoming release scheduled for August 2008.
Larry can be seen performing in the skyways in downtown Minneapolis and at
e.p. atelier:http://www.epatelier.com cafe on Tueday nights.

*Claire Avitabile*, Artistic Director of
20% Theatre Company Twin Cities:http://www.tctwentypercent.org/
Talking about their upcoming *World Premiere*
Standards of Care by Tobias K. Davis and directed by Claire Avitabile

Claire is joined by FTM actor Anthony who plays the role of David.

Meet David and Jason - two transgender female-to-males (FTMs) trying to figure out their lives. When they're both in need of support the most, David from his gender therapist, and Jason from his mother, they find that their support systems are one and the same: Nancy! What will happen when Nancy's two worlds collide. Standards of Care is humorous and honest, serious and sexy and without a doubt a ground-breaking new work
that is not to be missed.
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays:_June 6*, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15 at 8pm
Patrick's Cabaret: 3010 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis
limited seating available!

*Surprise guests:*

David Strand Doug Benson, gay activists

Doug Beson blog

Playlist Tracks: 
*Larry Havluck - Obama Train performed live in studio
Album: *also on the CD Topical Island Getaway-New Release; Label:
*Katie Sawicki - Push On Back
Album: *Time Spent Lost _ New Release; Label: Bend Records
Ochi - I Like What I Like
Album: Just Ochi; Label: Gatekeeper Productions
*Larry Havluck - Michelle Bachman performed live in studio
Album: *also on the CD Topical Island Getaway-New Release; Label: