5/15/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Hull, Dakota Dave* : New Shirt
*Turner, Big Joe* : Cherry Red
*James, Harry the Boogie Woogie Trio* : Jesse
*Wilson, Teddy his Orchestra* : A Touch of Boogie
*Sullivan, Joe his Cafe Society Orchestra* : I Can't Give You Anything But Love
*Holiday, Billie* : I Hear Music
*Albert, Meade, Pete and Their 3 Pianos with Turner, Joe* :Cafe Society Rag
*Sykes, Roosevelt* : Sweet Old Chicago
*Thrasher Wonders* : Moses Smote the Water
*Missionary Quintet* : Dry Bones / Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
*Terry, Sonny* : Oh, What a Beaurtiful City
*Buehling, Clark the Skirtlifters* : Maple Leaf Rag
*Buehling, Clark the Skirtlifters* : Palladium Rag
*Buehling, Clark the Skirtlifters* : Creole Belles
*Buehling, Clark the Skirtlifters* : Fire Bell Galop
*Tom, Brad Alice* : When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round
*Rice, Dave his Old Time Cronies* : No One's Hard Up But Me
*Smith, Lynn 'Chirps'* : Old Missouri
*Tom, Brad Alice* : The Great Titanic
*Tom, Brad Alice* : Darling Corey
*Tom, Brad Alice* : Little Glass of Wine
*Tom, Brad Alice* : Falling In Love
*Rice, Dave his Old Time Cronies* : Boll Weevil
*Smith, Lynn 'Chirps'* : D G Polka
*Tom, Brad Alice* : I Know You're Married
*Tom, Brad Alice* : Pull For the Shore
*Cohen, John* : My Name is John Johanna
*Carlton, Gaither Watson, Doc* : Brown's Dream
*Boggs, Dock* : Down South Blues
*Van Ronk, Dave* : Blood Red Moon
*Tom, Brad Alice* : The Christians' Good-Night
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Bigtop Waltz

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Air Date: 
May 15, 2008

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