5/14/2008 Echo Chamber


Tonight the Echo Chamber proudly presented the Mad Professor's Live Dub Show [part 1] -- recorded at Abbey Pub, Chicago, on April 5th. A big thanks to TurntableTerrorist at WLUW-FM, who recorded the concert and aired it first on Echo Beach 5/9/08. Also, new releases from Finn the Giant, Trevor The Technician McKenzie, System Error / Michael Rose, Sardinia Bass Legalize, Mayd Hubb, Manwel T, Jemini, KingRat, and D.U.B. Works. Also in the mix were The Storytellers, The Slackers, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Laika the Cosmonauts, The Skatalites, King Tubby, Stranger Cole, Channel U, and more...
Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material

Playlist Tracks: 
*Finn the Giant - Whole Heap of Dub (feat. Echo Ranks)
Album: Dub Pon Top; Label: giantsounds.com
*Sardinia Bass Legalize - Malloreddus Western
Album: Visions of My Land; Label: aquietbump
King Tubby - Dub A Word
Album: Bring the Dub Come; Label: Heartbeat
*System Error / Michael Rose - Time Bomb
Album: Time Bomb 7; Label: Deep Root
*System Error / Michael Rose - Time Bomb Dub (Dub Terror Mix)
Album: Time Bomb 7; Label: Deep Root
*Jemini - No Turning Back
Album: N/A; Label: self release
*Mayd Hubb - (Adoua Station) - Music Is Black
Album: The Blue Train; Label: not yet released
*Manwel T - Get Flat (feat. Blaminack)
Album: n/a; Label: self (manwelt.com)
Dub Rogue - Carelia, Verse 3: Aurora
Album: Dub Royal - Best of Dub Flas; Label: Dub Flash
Trevor The Technician McKenzie - Return of Trojan Dub - Pt 1
Album: N/A; Label: download (MySpace.com)
*Eva Be - Zerrdub
Album: Moving Without Traveling; Label: Sonar Kollektiv/Best Seven
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Jon Lord (Live Dub)
Album: Full Tension Beaters; Label: AvexTrax
*KingRat - White Jesus Dub
Album: N/A; Label: N/A (direct from artist)
Ashtech - Mahayana
Album: Walkin' Target; Label: Interchill
********************************************** -
Album: ; Label:
Mad Professor's Live Dub Show - Abbey Pub, Chicago 4/5/08 - - Part 1 (55:37)
Album: ; Label:
first aired on Echo Beach WLUW- FM 05/09 -
Album: ; Label:
********************************************** -
Album: ; Label:
D.U.B. Works - Jazz Dub
Album: Dubnight Vol. 2; Label: reggae-town.de / bigvibez.com
Mutant Frogs - Spiral Arms Dub
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Stranger Cole - The Time Is Now
Album: Wackies Sampler vol. 1; Label: Wackies
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Lover's Walk
Album: High Numbers; Label: Cutting Edge
The Skatalites - Hail Tommy McCook
Album: Bashaka; Label: Marston
Laika the Cosmonauts - The Hypno-Wheel
Album: Absurdistan; Label: Yep Roc
The Slackers - Estranged
Album: Self Medication; Label: Indication
Channel U - Kero - With The Atmosphere ft. Sabina Sciubba
Album: Ape-Man Talking; Label: Concent Productions
Adrian Sherwood - Majestic 12
Album: Never Trust A Hippy; Label: Realworld/Virgin
Roots Tonic Bill Laswell - Instrument of the Trinity
Album: Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell; Label: ROIR
The Dynamics - Miss You
Album: Version Excursions; Label: Groove Attack
The Storytellers - The Elephant Dub
Album: Dub Sac [various artists]; Label: Anicca
The Storytellers - Fighting in rhe Streets Dub
Album: Dub Sac [various artists]; Label: Anicca
Air Date: 
May 14, 2008