5/14/2008 Dart Gun Radio


trainwreck people. Trainwreck. Welcome back to my life post MFA / Thesis show.
New Albums (of the past 2 or 3 months are marked with a *** - so you know. :)

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How Does it Feel?
Album: Music For Insect MInds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Kinks - Just Can't Go too Sleep
Album: You Really got me; Label: Reprise
*** the Heroine Sheiks - Be A Man
Album: Journey to the End of the Knife; Label: Ampetamine Reptile
the Magnetic Fields - 3 - Way
Album: Distortion; Label: Nonsuch
Jawbreaker - Chesterfield King
Album: Bivouac; Label: RTD (?)
Mission of Burma - That's When I Reached for My Revolver
Album: Definiative Edition; Label: Matador
Mission of Burma - Fame and Fortune (1/2 of it in the background)
Album: Definative Edition; Label: Matador
Mission of Burma - This is not A Photograph (Most in the back ground as bed music)
Album: Definiative Edition; Label: Matador
the Spits - They Spit Me Out
Album: S/T; Label: Slovenly Recordings
Tom Waits - I'll Be Gone
Album: Frank's Wild Years; Label: Island
***Scarlett Johansson - I wish I were in New Orleans
Album: Anywhere I lay my Head; Label: Periwinkle Entertainment
Siouxie the Banshees - the Lords Prayer
Album: Join Hands; Label: Geffen
Interpool - NYC
Album: V/A - NYC Now; Label:
***Mudhoney - Inside Out over you (Not the song I wanted to play and an FCC oh-no. This does not reflect the views of KFAI etc etc... Beware your sorry ears if you are streaming this oustide of safe harbor because naughty words are only harmless after midnight.
Album: the Lucky Ones; Label: Sub Pop
***Mudhoney - the Lucky Ones
Album: the Lucky Ones; Label: Sub Pop
***Mudhoney - Next Time
Album: the Lucky Ones; Label: Sub Pop
Mule - Mama's Reason to Cry
Album: Tuebor; Label: Quarterstick Records
the Breeders - One Divine Hammer
Album: Last Splash; Label: 4AD
Mudhoney - Burning Clean
Album: Superfuzz / Bugmuff; Label: Sub Pop
Siouxie and the Banchees - Mother
Album: Join Hands; Label: Geffen
The Breeders - S.O.S.
Album: Last Spalsh; Label: 4AD
Ko the Knockouts - If I
Album: S/T; Label: Sympathy for the Industry
*** the Ramblin' Ambassadors - Camino Real
Album: Vista Cruiser Country Squire; Label: Mint Records
***Rambilin' Ambassadors - Cecilia Ann
Album: Vista Crusier...; Label: Mint Records
**Ramblin Ambassadors - Frank Slide Song
Album: Vista Crusier; Label: Mint Records
T. Rex - Metal Guru
Album: the Slider; Label: Wizard Ltd
***Imperial Leather - The Final Run
Album: Do You Know Where your Children Are; Label: Profane Existance
***Imperial Leather - Power of Blame
Album: Do You KNow Where Your Children Are; Label: Profane Existance
***Resist - Socail Security
Album: resistography; Label: Profane Exsitance
***Resist - Homophobia
Album: Resistography; Label: Profane Existance
***Blackout (local) - Gears
Album: Stop the Clock; Label: Profane Existance
***Seitan - K.D.U.
Album: D Beat Hippie Lovers; Label: Profane Existnace
Tom Waits - Children's Stories
Album: Orphans, Bawlers, Brawlers, and stuff.....; Label: Anti
***the Bellrays - Phycotic Hate Man
Album: Hard, Sweet and Sticky; Label:
Generation X - Heavens Inside
Album: Kiss Me deadly; Label: Chrystalis
the Lemon Heads - Sad Girl
Album: Lick; Label: Taang
the Lemon Heads - Luca
Album: Lick; Label: Taang
***In Flight Radio - Someday
Album: the Sound Inside; Label: Last Broadcast Records
***When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Toeing the Line
Album: Not Noiice; Label: Chalk Circle
Air Date: 
May 14, 2008

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