5/12/2008 Jet Set Planet


*denotes artist's debut on Jet Set Planet

Playlist Tracks: 
Leroy Holmes - Dansero
Album: A Fiesta in Sound; Label: MGM
Rod McKuen Anita Kerr - Snow Job
Album: Winter; Label: WB
The Guitar Ramblers - Malibu Caravan
Album: Happy, Youthful New Sounds; Label: Columbia
The Brass Ring - Sugarloaf
Album: Gazpacho; Label: Dunhill
Urbie Green - The Party
Album: 21 Trombones; Label: Project 3
*Ray Davies Orchestra - Magnum Force
Album: Flashpoint; Label: Philips
Jerry Fielding - City of Brass
Album: We Like Brass; Label: Time
Bob Florence - Poor People of Paris
Album: Bongos/Reeds/Brass; Label:
Laurindo Almeida - I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Album: I Left My Heart in San Francisco; Label: Pickwick
*David Snell - International Flight
Album: Sound Gallery; Label: Scamp
Alberto Baldan Bembo - Green Sea
Album: The Smart Set; Label: Right Tempo
Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys - Negra Mi Cha Cha Cha
Album: Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys; Label: Teichiku
Pepe Jaramillo - I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Album: Tequila Cocktail; Label: Telemark
Charles Fox - Precision
Album: The Latin Mood; Label: MGM
Living Brass - Pablo
Album: Mexico Lindo; Label: RCA
George Barnes - Cuban Pete
Album: Guitar Galaxies; Label: Mercury
The 4 Freshmen - Yesterdays
Album: Voices in Latin; Label: Capitol
Dom Frontiere - Magician
Album: Fabulous!!; Label: Liberty
Jerry Fielding - Gole Gandom
Album: Near East Brass; Label: Command
Miriam Burton - Yoruba Lady
Album: African Lament; Label: Epic
Tak Shindo - No Place to Go
Album: Brass and Bamboo; Label: Capitol
The Islanders - Tahitian Nights
Album: Hawaiian Happy Hour 2008 at Redhouse Records; Label: Luke
Leroy Holmes - The Man from Nowhere
Album: Once Upon a time in the West; Label: UA
Don Randi - Follow Me
Album: Mexican pearls; Label: Palomar
*Francesc Burrull - Soul Finger
Album: Especial Hits No. 1; Label:
Rod McKuen Anita Kerr - Bertha's Place Winter
Album: Winter; Label: WB
Peter Thomas - Outside Atmosphere
Album: Space Patrol; Label: Bungalow
*Wilfred Burns - Stop Gap
Album: Music for TV Dinners; Label: Scamp
Air Date: 
May 12, 2008

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