4/30/2008 House Party

Playlist Tracks: 
3:00 Hacienda Brothers - Mental Revenge
Album: Hacienda Brothers; Label: Koch
Charlie Parr Lane Prekker - You Can't Win
Album: House Party Vol 5; Label: Hman
The Copperheads - I Close My Eyes To See You
Album: House Party Vol 5; Label: Hman
*Kenny Neal - Starlight Diamond
Album: Let Life Flow; Label: Blind Pig
*Gary Allegretto - Never The Same
Album: Many Shades of Blues; Label: Big Fiore
Kent DuChaine - Walking Blues
Album: Live at Les Loufaits; Label: Cadillac Records
Geoff Muldaur - Mistreated Mama
Album: The Secret Handshake; Label: hightone
Kent DuChaine - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues
Album: Live At Les Loufaits; Label: Cadillac Records
Dave Riley Bob Corritore - Let's Have Some Fun Tonight
Album: Travelin' the Dirt Road; Label: Blue Witch
* T- Model Ford - Red's Houseparty
Album: Jack Daniel Time; Label: Mud Puppy
JT Lauretson and the Buckshot Hunters - Bald Headed Woman Part 2
Album: Squeezeboxing; Label: Hunters Records
4:00 Lazy Bill Lucas - Should I Ever Love Again
Album: News About the Blues; Label: Wild
*Mike Morgan and the Crawl - I Have To Set You Free
Album: Stronger Every day; Label: Severn
Cool Disposition(TC) - Honey Chile
Album: Buzz Awhile; Label: Self
*Nappy Brown - Cherry Red
Album: Long Time Coming; Label: Blind Pig
Junior Watson - That's What You Do To Me
Album: Longng Overdue; Label: Blacktop
*JW Jones - Doubled Eyed Whammy
Album: Bluelisted; Label: Northern Blues
Jimmy Dawkins - Know Your Lover
Album: Blues and Pain; Label: Wild Dog Blues
Luther Allison - Don't Start me Talking
Album: Underground; Label: Ruf
Jimmy Duck Holmes - I'd Rather Be the Devil
Album: Deep Blues Festival Sampler 2008; Label: self
Geechie Wiley - Last Kind Words
Album: Mississippi Masters; Label: Yazoo
John Lee Hooker - Who's Been Jiving You
Album: John Lee Hooker; Label: Pulse
5:00 Featured Artist - Muddy Waters
Album: ; Label:
Muddy Waters - Down South Blues
Album: Complete muddy Waters; Label: 1947-1967
Muddy Waters -
Album: ; Label:
Muddy Waters -
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
April 30, 2008