4/23/2008 Echo Chamber


Tonight we re-broadcast the now famous 2nd annual *Around the World in 20+ Dubs* special, originally broadcast on April 4, 2008 on Echo Beach:http://www.wluw.org/programs/playlist.cfm?GetProgramID=233 (WLUW-FM, Chicago). This brainchild of TurntableTerrorist (Terry C.) featured dubs and dub-influenced tracks from 23 countries around the globe. This project took several months to put together, as it featured some exclusive mixes directly from artists, as well as short introductions put together by the artists as well. Dr. StrangeDub joined TurntableTerrorist for the original program:http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.viewfriendID=106286389... on April 4th. For the Echo Chamber rebroadcast, DJ Baby Swiss continued the worldwide dub tour for another hour, revisiting some of the countries and adding at least one more. As they say at Tanty Records (thanks Kelvin): It's A Worlwide Dub Affair Baby!


Echo Beach presents: *Around The World In 20+ Dubs*
[Original broadcast: 4/4/08 WLUW-FM]

Around the World in Dub Intro – Turntable Terrorist – Unreleased – 2008

[USA] Subatomic Sound System – TTT Mashup of The Chronicles It's the Heat
album: Heat Brings Heat EP; label: Subatomic Sound (Digital Only Release) – 2007

[Jamaica] King Chilla – Chilla's Theme
album: 7 release; label: Dub Voltage – 2007

[Mexico] Bungalo Dub – Mr. Mad
album: Dub Attack; label: Invasion/7 Records – 2007

[Brazil] Victor Rice – Sun of Dubday
album: Dubshine; label: SpitShine Records – 2007 (3:36)

[South Africa] Moodphase 5 – Paradise Syndrome (DJ Dope Farmer Brian dub version)
album: In Superdeluxe Mode; label: African Dope Records – 2003

[Australia/UK] Trevor The Technician McKenzie – Someone Dub
album: N/A - Exclusive mix for The Echo Chamber Echo Beach – 2008

[Thailand] Dub Familia – Look to the East
album: Before The Baby Born; label: Net Release available on iTunes – 2007

[Japan] Likkle Mai – Your Love (Spotlight Mix)
album: Your Love [EP]; label: Lik' Daughter - 2006

[India] Midival Punditz – Chandini Chowk
album: Asian Massive; label: Six Degrees Records – 2002

[Israel] Blondub Sexy Sound – Heaven (featuring Mad Professor)
album: Exclusive unreleased track from upcoming God Bless The Empress album – 2008

[Turkey] Firuzaga Soundsystem – Tekli Dub
album: Self-released; label: self-release 2007

[Sardinia] Arrogalla – Nuis Dub (Boghes de Bagamundos remix)
album: Arrogalla; label: Arrogalla Music – 2007

[Morocco] Dubosmium – Waragine A Ragine
album: Horizontal Plane Polar Dub; label: Fresh Poulpe Records (net label) – 2006

[Spain] Hot Drop – Hotdrop Inna Dance (featuring Ranking Forrest)
album: Ready; label: LaFamille Records – 2007

[France] Fedayi Pacha – Hayduk Bey
album: New Dub Excursion; label: Sounds Around – 2007

[Austria] Makossa Megablast – Rip It Up (featuring Ras T-Weed)
album: Kanuaka; label: G-Stone Records – 2007

[Czech Republic] Hypnotix – Reasoning (Wintage Remix)
album: Selection One; label: Popron Music – 2005

[Germany] Tokyo Tower – I Need My Dubflash
album: I Need My Dubflash Each and Every Day (upcoming); label: Mutan – 2008

[Holland] Togetha Brotha Soundsystem – Jahovia Dub
album: The Way of the Sinner; label: Self released – 2008

[England] Rob Smith – Corner Dub (Blue Red mix)
album: RSD; label: ? 2007

[Wales] Llwybr Llaethog – Fflio Dub
album: Mega Tidy; label: Rasal Records – 2005

[Ireland] Eating Betty – Dubbin' 2 Hard
album: Net release; label: www.acetonestudio.com - 2008

[Canada] Dubmatix – War Inna Corner (featuring Ranking Joe)
album: Upcoming release; label: Irie Ites - 2008

[USA] The Drastics – Kevlar
album: Premonition; label: Jump Up! Records – 2005


The World Dub Tour Continues....


[France] Kaly Live Dub - Sandura (partial)
album: Electric Kool Aid; label: PIAS

[Jamaica] Half Pint - Just Be Good
album: No Stress Express; label: Half Pint Music / Universal

[U.S.] Mutant Frogs - A 5th of Funn
album: It's One Of Ours; label: Skankworks-IMT

[France] Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene Pt. 2
album: Oxygene; label: Polydor

[England/U.S.] Jah Wobble Bill Laswell - 6th Chamber
album: Radioaxiom - A Dub Transmission; label: Axiom-Palm

[Sweden] The Cardigans - Our Space
album: Life; label: minty fresh

[Japan] Ringo Shiina Neko Saito - Hatsukoi Shoujo
album: Heisei Fuzoku; label: Toshiba/EMI

[Germany] Senior All Stars: - Gringo
album: Red Leaf; label: Grover

[Italy] Tremende - Dub Theme
album: Accelerare e Rallentare; label: Gridalo Forte

[Jamaica] The Revolutionaries - Jamintel
album: Gold Mine Dub; label: Greensleeves

[UK/India] Bombay Dub Orchestra - Rare Earth: The Forest of Thieves Mix
album: Bombay Dub Orchestra; label: Six Degrees

[U.S.] Mutant Frogs - Dr. Skankin' Frank vs. The Time Frog
album: It's One Of Ours; label: Skankworks-IMT

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April 23, 2008