4/20/2008 Songs Of Praise


Gospel music designated for the ears of the awakening listeners in and around our particular domain on Sunday mornings.

Playlist Tracks: 
Dorothy Norwood - I'll make it to the promised land
Album: Hattie B's daughter; Label: Malaco records
Bolton Brothers - anybody but the Lord
Album: Somebody needs the Lord; Label: Malaco records
Sons of Wondwe - Glory, Glory
Album: Out of the storm; Label: SOW Records
Lawrence Hart - I will sin no more
Album: I will sin no more; Label: Obedient men records
Endurance - Ain't God Good
Album: He will make a way; Label: SCCME records
Lawrence Hart - fear the Lord
Album: I will sin no more; Label: Obedient men records
Sons of Wonder - Jesus will step right in
Album: Out of the storm; Label: SOW Records
Harmony Kings - Help me lift Jesus
Album: Praising God; Label: Parks records
Raqnce Allen - Preacherman
Album: The Live experience; Label: Tyson records
Charles taylor - Still gonna pray
Album: Gotta have Gospel; Label: Integrity records
Christianaires - two wings
Album: Great Gospel Groups; Label: Platinum Records
Rev Andrew CheairerE - God has smiled on me
Album: He will provide; Label: Atlanta Int'l records
Rev James Flowers - He was on the cross
Album: Gospel Collection II; Label: Celebrity records
R. Humphries/J. Lackey - Can't nobody do me like Jesus
Album: Jesus is the way; Label: Santru records
Sensational Nightingales - At the cross
Album: Roughside of the mountain; Label: MCA records
Canton Spirituals - Put God first
Album: Gosp. Celebration11; Label: Celebrity records
Doug Melvin Williams - Cooling Waters
Album: Duet; Label: Blackberry Records
Sensational Nightingales - I'm Taking back everything that the Devil stole from me
Album: Best of; Label: Malaco records
Jackson southernaires - Another Flight
Album: The word in song; Label: Malaco records
Willie banks - For the wrong I've done
Album: Gospel Gold; Label: Black Label records
Heirs of Harmony - Prayer changes things
Album: Instruments of praise; Label: Debut Gospel
Zion Harmonizers - Somewhere listening for my name
Album: Best of N.O. Gospel; Label: Mardi Gra Records
Smith Singers - Stop by here
Album: Testify; Label: Voyage records
True believers - I get Joy
Album: Don't count me out; Label: Blackberry records
Willie Neal Johnson - Farther Along
Album: Has he been Good to you; Label: MCA Records
Heirs of Harmony - We don't thank him enough
Album: Instruments of Praise; Label: Debut Gospel
Charles Fold Singers - Tell it
Album: One more day; Label: Navarre Records
Cross of Calvary - Look at the real me
Album: Mainline; Label: Quartet Boyz records
Charles Johnson - Let's have Church
Album: We cannot stand alone; Label: Word label
Mighty Clouds of Joy - It was you
Album: it was you; Label: CGI records
Air Date: 
April 20, 2008

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