4/14/2008 Health Notes


Kinshasha featured two unique subjects on Health Notes April 14 - Joe Navarro - author of *What Every Body Is Saying*, Former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behavior, explains how to speed-read people: decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors. You'll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you.

Kinshasha also talked with Paul McGlothin about the *CR Way* (Calorie Restriction Diet) Paul asks, Would you like to live an extraordinarily long and healthy life – perhaps start a different career at age 70 and pursue your new ambition with the same zeal that you had when you were young.? Or maybe you’d like to function at your peak without the significant decline that most experience as they age. Find out more about the CR Society’s involvement in research.

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April 14, 2008