4/11/2008 MN Soundtrack


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - Pledge Drive hosted by Jackie, Danny, Nathan

E*l Guante/Esta Tarde/Harry Potter B/W Esta Tarde/Speakeasy Records

*Concrete Rose / Tres Preguntas - Maria Isa / Push Up Ya Lig

*Minnesota Migration/Skoal Kodiak/Nerve Dice/Modern Radio

*The Get Rites/Pedal Steel Heaven/Pedal Steel Heaven/Magnolia Recording Company

Vampire Hands/No Fun/Me and You Cherry Red/Peppermint Coffins

Dance Band/Mississippi/Returns from the Land After Tomorrow

*Murzik/Kosovo/Buried/Pipe Club

The Magnolias/Trash Bomb/Better Late then Never/SMA Records

*Lukes Angels/Paulopolis/Sugar Rush/Sorry Charlie

Leroy Smokes/Radio/Love Hustle Theater/Smokessignyl

Rube/Dharma Bumrush

*Tuesdays Robot/Hip Roma Suicide/Peace Sing-a Long/

*Plastic Chord/Colonial Conundrum/

M. anifest/Babylon Breakdown

Carnage/Bring the Soul Back Continued/Sense of Sound/Hecatomb

*Polara/Longest Day/Bookeeping/Susstones

*Rank Stangers/Run Comrade Run/tucke Des Objekts, Die/

Playlist Tracks: 
Air Date: 
April 11, 2008

The Minnesota Sound Archives