3/28/2008 MN Soundtrack


MN Soundtrack w/ Jackie Danny

Playlist Tracks: 
** ----------- - new stuff.
Album: ; Label:
** El Guante - Esta Tarde
Album: EP; Label: Tru Ruts / Speakeasy
**Tremble And Shake - Atom Bomb
Album: S/T; Label:
**Ghost In The Water - How To Draw A Ghost
Album: Tooth; Label:
Album: ; Label:
The Haves Have It - Dark Dark
Album: Brown Paper Bag EP; Label:
These Modern Socks - Lost In The Hallways
Album: Princess; Label:
**Vampire Hands - No Fun
Album: Me And You Cherry Red; Label: Modern Radio
Story Of The Sea - Bubble Gum
Album: Enjoying Fire; Label: Speakerphone
A Night In The Box - Don't Do Me Wrong
Album: The Hustle, The Prayer, The Theif; Label: Afternoon
Kid Dakota - Pine Ridge
Album: The West Is The Future; Label: Chairkickers
A Paper Cup Band - Better When Your Blue
Album: ; Label:
Eyedea Abilities - Now
Album: E A; Label: RSE
**The New Rebelution - This Time
Album: Till The Break of...; Label: Healing
Roma Di Luna - No Child Of Mine
Album: Find Your Way Home; Label:
Digitata - Sea Scandal
Album: ; Label:
The Suburbs - Cows
Album: In Combo; Label: Twin Town
Suicide Commandos - Semi-Smart
Album: Make A Record; Label:
**Murzik - Kosovo
Album: Buried; Label:
Estate - Portis Ride
Album: Vacation; Label:
Air Date: 
March 28, 2008

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