2/27/2008 Stone Soup

Playlist Tracks: 
Robert Aviles - Tides
Album: Rhythm of the Soul; Label:
Mark Kreitzer - Dog Faced Boys
Album: Pages; Label:
Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt - When Your're Gone Long Gone
Album: Trio II; Label:
Whistlepigs - Rum River Mill
Album: Fenceline; Label:
Karen Mueller - Kitchen Gal
Album: Stillpoint; Label:
Tom Ohmsen - She Who Loves Silence
Album: Acoustinova; Label:
Brass Kings - Insurance Adjuster
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
Machinery Hill - Wall Drug
Album: Power Take Off; Label:
Machinery Hill - Frankie O
Album: Power Take Off; Label:
Foghorn Stringband - Short Life of Trouble
Album: Weiser Sunrise; Label:
The Benders - Endless Highway
Album: The Benders; Label:
Mother Banjo - Zora Zora
Album: Swing Low; Label:
Tangled Roots - Till I See You
Album: Angel From Montgomery; Label:
Becky Schlegel - 99%
Album: For All THe World To See; Label:
Platte Valley Boys - Don't Get Your Hopes Up Mississippi
Album: Another Day of Lonesome; Label:
Rustler's Moon with Kathy Kalick Bill Evans - Please Search Your Heart
Album: Rustler's Moon; Label:
Rustler's Moon with Kathy Kalick Bill Evans - Whistle Stop Town
Album: Rustler's Moon; Label:
Mary Henderson Goeff Shannon - Never Thought of Leavin'
Album: Kansas Dancing; Label:
Blue Wolf - Rainbow Bridge
Album: Brown Shingle Shack; Label:
Switched at Birth - Hora de la Bim Bam
Album: Now Then; Label:
Bill Shaffer - Screwball
Album: Leavin' Me Colder; Label:
Kenaston Family Band - When The Bees Are In The Hive
Album: Treasures of the Past; Label:
va Sons of the Pioneers - When the Prairie Sun Climbs Out of the Hay
Album: Cowboy Keepers; Label:
va Laurie Lewis Kate Brislin - Cowgirl's Song
Album: Cowboy Keepers; Label:
Air Date: 
February 27, 2008