2/25/2008 Health Notes


*I Am Not My Breast Cancer*
*Ruth Peltason*

Kinshasha talked with Ruth Peltason author of the new book, *I am Not My Breast Cancer*.

If you or a loved one has or has had breast cancer, *I Am Not My Breast Cancer is an invaluable tool*. The book is written off of message board posts from an internet online support group, so you get the ebb and flow of conversation as women from all different walks of life weigh in on how this disease has and is affecting them. With over 800 contributing voices, the book has much to say. It covers topics from the obvious fear of the diagnosis to the less obvious discomforts and challenges that many women with breast cancer face alone.

This interview personal crash course in medical procedure, patient emotions, and resoundingly lets the listener know that there is a very real, resilient, tired, loving human being underneath that scary diagnosis. Ruth Peltason does not presume that everyone will share similar emotions, but lets the voices of the many tell their stories, that those who read them might find a common voice, support and validation.

*I Am Not My Breast Cancer* is a real education to the total upheaval that breast cancer causes. This important conversation reassures us of the heart that we, as women, as mothers, daughters and friends are tough enough to survive.

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February 25, 2008

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