2/22/2008 Across The Board


Thanks to Greg Carr, host of Dig Up The Roots, for filling my boots.

Bauhaus / Spirit / The Sky’s Gone Out
Butthole Surfers / The Weird Revolution / The Last Astronaut
Nash The Slash / Wolf / Children Of The Night
Mafia / Hallelujah / Pay It All Back Vol 1
Your Nemesis / His Name Is / 10% File Under Burroughs
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Her To Eternity / Wings Of Desire Soundtrack
Elvis Costello The Attractions / Radio, Radio + Lipstick Vogue / Live at the El Mocambo
The Cramps / Faster Pussycat, I Ain’t Nothin But A Gore Hound, Call of the Wighat / Smell Of Female
Wall Of Voodoo / Back In Flesh / URGH Soundtrack
Sonic Youth / Within You Without You / Sgt Pepper Knew My Father

Sound Collage Mix:
Saqqara Dogs / Yo La Tengo / Ennio Morricone / Orquesta Superstar

Sugar Cane Harris / Funk and Wagner / Sugarcane
Tupelo Chain Sex / Everyday’s A Holiday / Ja-Ja-Jazz
Lost Gringos / Unter Dem Vulcan / Drive To Heaven
Material with William S Burroughs / The Western Lands
William S Burroughs / Apocalypse / Dead City Radio
Dancing Did / Squashed Things
Low Remix
B-52’s / 53 Miles West Of Venus / Wild Planet
Yo La Tendo / Tony Orlando’s House / And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
Yello / Moon On Ice / One Second
DJ Krush Toshiniri Kundo / Tobira-2
Dub Syndicate / Stoned Immaculate / Stoned Immaculate
Singer’s and Player’s / Bedward The Flying Preacher / Pay It All Back Vol 1
London Underground / At Home With
Mark Stewart and Mafia / Jerusalem / Pay It All Back Vol 1
Butthole Surfers / Intelligent Guy / The Last Astronaut
Devo / It’s A Beautiful World – EZ Music version
Dread Zeppelin / Moby Dick / Un-Led-Ed
Bronski Beat / It Ain’t Necessarily So
John Cale / Living On The Vine

Playlist Tracks: