2/20/2008 House Party

Playlist Tracks: 
3:00 * Harrison Kennedy - Everybody Gets the Blues
Album: High Country Blues; Label: Electro-fi
* Harrison Kennedy - High Country Blues
Album: High Country Blues; Label: Electro-fi
* Honeyboy Edwards - She Worries Me All the Time
Album: Roamin' and Ramblin'; Label: Earwig
* Ray Bonneville - What Katy Did
Album: Goin' By Feel; Label: Red House
* Brass Kings (TC) - Jackrabbit Blues
Album: Washboard, Rope , Guitar; Label: Dreamhorse
* Brass Kings (TC) - Company Man Blues
Album: Washboard, Rope , Guitar; Label: Dreamhorse
James Hinkle - East Dallas Dagger
Album: Blues Now Jazz Later; Label: Blue Lights
Rounders - God Knows I'm Trying
Album: Wish I Had You; Label: Blind Pig
* John -Alex Mason - What Are You Hungry For
Album: Town and Country; Label: Naked Jaybird
John Long - Hokom Town
Album: Lost and Found; Label: Delta Groove
Jimmy Voegeli - So Go Love
Album: F is For Blues; Label: self
Gina Sicilia - One Of Many
Album: Allow Me to Confess; Label: Swingnation Records
4:00 Lazy Bill Lucas - Cabbage Head
Album: Lazy Bill Lucas; Label: Philo
* Gerry Hundt - That Woman!
Album: Since Way Back; Label: Blue Bella
Sugar Ray and the Bluetones - Call Me Lonesome
Album: Rockin' Sugar Daddy; Label: Severn
Johnny Lewis - She's Taking all My Money
Album: Crossroad Blues; Label: BMG
Jimmy Wilson - Alley Blues
Album: Crossroad Blues; Label: BMG
Snooky Pryor - Keep What You Got
Album: Snooky Pryor; Label: Paula
* Cadillac Pete Rahn - The Way I Feel
Album: Steamroller; Label: CPR Records
* Eddy The Chief Clearwater - Too Old To Get Married
Album: West Side Strut; Label: Alligator
* Emmanuel Youngw/ Howard Glaser - Give Me Back My Wig
Album: Live@in Detroit; Label: Random Chance
Smokey Wilson - You Took Everything from Me
Album: Smoke and Fire; Label: Bullseye
Big Bill Morganfield - Baby How long
Album: Rising Son; Label: Blind Pig
Big George Jackson (TC) - Beggin' Ain't For Me
Album: Beggin' Ain't For Me; Label: Black Tan
5:00 Featured Artist - Curtis Blake
Album: ; Label:
Curtis Blake - Cotton Tribute
Album: Live at MMC; Label: self
Brothers Curtis w/Curtis Blake - Walkin' By Myself
Album: It's You That's Got To Go; Label: Blue Bayou
Sonny Rodgers w/Curtis Blake - Stand By Me
Album: They Call Me Cat Daddy; Label: Blue Moon
Brothers Curtis w/Curtis Blake - Trouble in Mind
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
February 20, 2008