2/15/2008 MN Soundtrack


Danny Jackie get nutsy with the local junk and then smile and answer lotsa phone calls.
Sure, we like stuff....why not!!

As always, lots of new local stuff and weekend concert calender hoo-ha.

*** equals new stuff.

Playlist Tracks: 
***Solid Gold - Bible Thumper
Album: Who You Gonna Run To?; Label:
***Birthday Suits - Winter Coat
Album: split 7 w/ The Blind Shake; Label: Learning Curve
***Skoal Kodiak - Harpie
Album: LP; Label:
***Mach Fox - Build It Down
Album: mp3 single download; Label:
***Big Ditch Road - Waiting To Destroy
Album: The Jackson Whites; Label:
***Spaghetti Western String Company - Osa's
Album: Lull And Clatter; Label:
A Night In The Box - Conductor Man
Album: The Hustle, The Prayer, The Theif; Label:
Roma Di Luna - Tree Of Life
Album: Find Your Way Home; Label: S/R
Best Friends Forever - Eisenhower
Album: Romance, Conflict, Adventure; Label:
Estate - Let Her Know
Album: The Vacation; Label: S/R
The Owls - Peppermint Patty
Album: Daughters And Suns; Label: Magic Marker
Capaciti - Hallucinations
Album: Kill That Noise; Label:
Carnage - The Stank
Album: (feat. Desdamona); Label:
***M.anifest - Babylon Breakdown
Album: Manifestations; Label:
Dessa - Kites
Album: False Hopes; Label:
***Gospel Gossip - Wind
Album: Sing Into My Mouth; Label:
***The Blind Shake - Weepy Man
Album: split 7 w/ Birthday Suits; Label: Learning Curve
Vampire Hands - Opium Typhoon
Album: Virgin Dust American Lips; Label: Freedom From
***Luke's Angels - Sugar Rush
Album: Paulapolis; Label:
***Corpse Show Creeps - Werewolves
Album: Blackblood Call; Label: Hairball 8
Brother Ali - Trendsetter
Album: Champion; Label: RSE
Eyedea Abilities - S.T.
Album: Star Destroyer; Label: RSE-Epitaph
Air Date: 
February 15, 2008

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