In the second half, the Swissmeister continued our Space Month observances, starting with 60 Channels' "Light Years On," winding up with Mickey Hart Band's "Falling Stars," and filling the space inbetween (space, get it?) with Strange Constellations, an Alien Grandpa, an Interstellar Teakettle, and some (presumably Martian) Red Sand.

Playlist Tracks: 
*Zion Train - Money (ft. Damian & Naff Natty)
Album: Money EP; Label: Universal Egg
*Zion Train - Money Dub
Album: Money EP; Label: Universal Egg
*No Name Dub - Dreams from the Sub Dub
Album: Dub Immortalized; Label: self-release
Dub Syndicate - One in a Billion (ft. Luciano)
Album: Pure Thrillseekers; Label: Shanachie
*The Process - The Fire is Burning (Scientist Dimension X Mix)
Album: The Fire Is Burning EP; Label: Temple Gong
King Tubby - Dub Experience
Album: Crucial Dub; Label: Delta Music
*Dub Colossus - Keep On Rocking
Album: Addis to Omega; Label: self-release/PledgeMusic.com
*PhoniAndFlore - Sun & Sitar (Dub)
Album: single; Label: soundcloud.com
*Misled Convoy - Leap Beneath
Album: Tickling the Dragon's Tail; Label: Dubmission
*Jennifer Paulos - Libre en mi Vuelo (Dub Suppliaz Remix)
Album: .; Label: soundcloud.com
*Suns of Dub - Jah Presence (Jah Jah Coming)
Album: Jah Presence EP; Label: self-release (free download)
*Citizen Sound - Addicted (Aldubb Remix)
Album: Myrtle Forest Sessions; Label: Citizen Sound/Renegade
*Phil Harmony - Saxy Times
Album: 10 Years in Dub; Label: self-release/Dubnight
====== David Asher's Shaolin Sound Mix ====== - =
Album: =; Label: =
*Jazzmin Tutum & Joe Killi - Running the Risk Sugar Coated (pre-release)
Album: N/A; Label: unreleased
*Mapei - Don't Wait (Teka's Future Reggae Mix)
Album: .; Label: soundcloud.com
*Mystica Tribe - Lament
Album: Lizard EP; Label: self-release
Mildtape - Dreadlock Saloon
Album: Wildtape; Label: LibreCommeLair
*International Observer - Oreia (Int. Observer's Monkey
Album: Touched; Label: Dubmission
60 Channels - Light Years On
Album: Tuned In - Turned On; Label: World Dominion
Bombay Dub - Strange Constellations
Album: 3 Cities; Label: Six Degrees
Dubagroova - Space Pilot (Original Mix)
Album: single; Label: Ape Choons/Beatport
Ticklah - Space Root
Album: Polydemic; Label: Razorfish
Sun Ra - Saturn
Album: Jazz in Silhouette; Label: Saturn/impulse!/Evidence
Jack Sparrow - Red Sand
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic
Scientist/Jack Sparrow - Red Sand Dub
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic
Jimi Tenor - Natural Cosmic Relief
Album: Utopian Dream; Label: Sahko
45 Dip - Something in Space
Album: The Acid Lounge in Space v.a.; Label: Acid Lounge
Systemwide - Osmani Stepper
Album: Osmani Stepper EP; Label: BSI
Mutant Frogs - Jungles of the Galaxy
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
King Brillo - Grandpa was an Alien
Album: The Acid Lounge in Space v.a.; Label: Acid Lounge
Dub Syndicate - 2001 Love
Album: Echomania; Label: On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate - Higher than High
Album: Fear of a Green Planet; Label: Shanachie
U-Roy/Tommy McCook & the Supersonics - Your Ace from Space
Album: Version Galore (U-Roy & v.a.); Label: Trojan
Mutant Frogs - Interstellar Teakettle
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub vol. 3 & 4; Label: Dan Dada
BDLabs - Lost In Time Dub
Album: Dubocalypse; Label: Boom One
Jimi Tenor - Paint the Stars
Album: Utopian Dream; Label: Sahko
Pressure Cooker - Space: 1999 (season one theme)
Album: I Want to Tell You; Label: self-release (pressurecooker.net)
Banco de Gaia - Apollon
Album: Apollo; Label: Disco Gecko
4Hero - Orion (Dollis Dub Mix)
Album: Axiom: Reconstructions & Vexations; Label: Axiom
Mickey Hart Band - Falling Stars
Album: Superorganism; Label: 360° Productions
Air Date: 
July 9, 2014