2/8/2008 MN Soundtrack


**The Birthday Suits/Winter Coat/split 7 with The Blindshake/Learning Curve Records
**Young Dudes/Chin Music/??/Afternoon Records
**Abzorbr/Track #2??/self titled/self released
**Heiruspecs/Track #13/Ten Years Strong/self released
**The Blindshake/Weepy Man/split 7with Birthday Suits
**Gospel Gossip/Wind/Sing into My Mouth/Guilt Ridden Pop
**M.anifest/Babylon Breakdown/Manifestations LP/
**The Battle Royale/Custom Clothes/Wake Up,Thunderbabe/Afternoon Records
So It Goes/Ready, Control/Historionics/self released
**Lukes Angels/Sugar Rush/
**MCVL/Amazing Grace/Jaws/self released
Kid Dakota/Crossin' Fingers/So pretty/
**The House of Mercy Band/Trouble Coming Left Behind/
The Has Been/Track # 5/Big Salty Hands/
**Apraxia/Glass/Trite Permission/self released
**Dance Band/Mississippi/Returns From the Land After Tomorrow/self released
Boogie Bonfire Jug Assassins/She was Gone/8th Annual Battle of the Jug Bands Ice House Studio in Duluth
**Rare Medium/Track #5/Reconditioned/self released
Rube/Big Band Jump Parts 3 4/Miss Georgia Peach/
The Bleeding Hickeys/Friction Boy/EP/
Pretty Boy Thorson and the Fallen Angels/Tight Ship/Take It Easy

Playlist Tracks: 
Air Date: 
February 8, 2008

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