6/13/2014 The Morning Blend

Producer: Yvette Howie 
News Host: Rico Morales
Music Host: Dale Connelly 
Playlist Tracks: 
Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul
Album: Body and Soul; Label: RCA
Patti LaBelle - Does He Love You
Album: Does He Love You ; Label: MCA
The Bobs - Rainbird
Album: Shkut Up And Sing; Label: Rounder
Watermelon Slim - Bad Sinner
Album: Watermelon Slim and the Workers; Label: Northern Blues
The Roches - Praise Song for a New Day
Album: Zero Church ; Label: Red House
Ginuwine - I'll Do Anything / I'm Sorry
Album: The Bachelor ; Label: 550 Music
David Francey - Morning Train
Album: The Waking Hour ; Label: Red House
Woody Guthrie - Railroad Blues
Album: Hard Travelin'; Label: Smithsonian
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer - Happytown
Album: Tanglewood Tree; Label: Signature
India Airie - Brown Skin
Album: Acoustic Soul; Label: Motown
Nancy Griffith, Guy Clark - Desperadoes Waiting For A Train
Album: Other Voices, Too; Label: Elektra
Heather Masse, Dick Hyman - Lullaby of Birdland
Album: Lock My Heart; Label: Red House
Dorado Schmitt - Swing Gitane
Album: Django Festival Allstars ; Label: Three's a Crowd
Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
Album: We'll Meet Again ; Label:
Ampers - MN 90
Topics: Captain Billy's Whiz Bang
Said Sheik-Abdi, Paul Brohaugh - Micro-Lending Reaches Somalia
Topics: Economics
Will Schroeer - East Metro Strong
Topics: Transit
Dylan Peers McCoy - Philly - The Musical
Topics: Theater
Peter Schilling, Kathie Smith - Cinema Shanty
Topics: The Grand Seduction
Jeff Dahlin, Debra Strege - Green Line Expectations
Topics: Transit
Art Hughes - Creative Enterprise Zone
Topics: Transit