Some King Size Dub tonight... In fact, kicking off the show was the heavy new King Size Dub Special - Dubvisionist release in the King Size series from Echo Beach.  Another great dub collection selected by Nicolai at Echo Beach - including a couple of Dubvisionist dubs, plus many of the dubs were remixed by Dubvisionist. Several other great new releases making their debut tonight: Citizen Sound's Myrtle Forest Sessions (on Renegade Media); Quantic's "Magnetica" (on Tru Thoughts); "Knowledge Shine Bright" from See-I (on Fort Knox); and Mad Codiuf's "Militant Art of Dub" EP (on Maree Bass). Following on this we featured 3 great singles from Grant Phabao and the Paris DJs label - one featuring Lone Ranger, another with Carlton Livingston, and the last one a cool, low-down remix of Erykah Badu.  Another highlight of the show was a 35-minute excerpt from a choice dubwise mix from Comando del Dub entitled Comando Del Dub Presenta Guerrilla Dub Vol I. Also in the mix tonight: Dr. Trippy, Yabass, Seb Taylor/Kaya Project, Twilight Circus meets DJ Spooky, Shandy, Will & Grruff, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, John Brown's Body, The Dynamics, Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra, Señor Coconut, RSD ft. Prince Jamo/Scientist, Mutant Frogs (a froggie fossil!), Little Tempo, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Dactah Chando - Woman Escuchame (Dubvisionist Remix)
Album: King Size Dub Special - Dubvisionist; Label: Echo Beach
*Quantic - Spark It (ft. Shinehead)
Album: Magnetica; Label: Tru Thoughts
*Mad Codiuf - Suffa Dub (Spiritual Mix)
Album: Militant Art of Dub; Label: Maree Bass
*See-I - Never Give Up
Album: Knowledge Shine Bright; Label: Fort Knox
*Citizen Sound - Morning Sun Dub (ft. Novie)
Album: Myrtle Forest Sessions; Label: Renegade
*Ras MC Bean - Run For Cover
Album: Inlightment; Label: Union World Music
Twilight Circus meets DJ Spooky - Synergistic Effect
Album: Abstract Tracks & Dubs; Label: M
*Dr. Trippy - Dancing in the Dhol Queue
Album: Invasion by Osmosis; Label: Disco Gecko
*Yabass - The End is Nigh, Pray to the Sky
Album: Send 'em to Outta Space; Label: Atomic Sounds
*Lone Ranger & Grant Phabao - African Land
Album: single; Label: Paris DJs
Carlton Livingston & Grant Phabao - Too Rude
Album: single; Label: Paris DJs
Erykah Badu & Grant Phabao - Honey (Grant Phabao Remix)
Album: single; Label: Paris DJs
Sport Billy KRSI Embargo - Darkness Dub
Album: Fraj Ton Dub [various artists]; Label: Soundcloud.com
Seb Taylor/Kaya Project - The Phoenix Rises
Album: Firedance (upcoming release); Label: soundcloud.com (free download)
Jah Wobble & PJ Higgins - Watch How You Walk (Lee Scratch Perry Mix)
Album: Watch How You Walk EP; Label: Sonar Kollectiv
** Comando Del Dub Presenta Guerrilla Dub Vol I (Part 1) - -
Album: -; Label: -
Zeb the Spy from Cairo - Nafas
Album: -; Label: Wonderwheel Recordings
Dymons - One Drop or Two
Album: -; Label: Elestial
Footprint System - Warmongers
Album: -; Label: Dub Andalus
Basque Dub Foundation - Juggernaut Pt. 4
Album: -; Label: BDF
Manudigital - Nobody's Dub
Album: -; Label: self-release
Comando del Dub - Crisis Dub
Album: -; Label: Comando
Roty 340 - Mungus Dub
Album: -; Label: Tzootz Avantgarde
Music Komite - King Tubby
Album: -; Label: Discontinurecords
*** end of mix ********************** - -
Album: -; Label: -
*Shandy, Will & Grruff - Rocking Steady
Album: Island Time; Label: Kudos
*Quantic - Duvido (instrumental)
Album: Duvido singlw; Label: Tru Thoughts
Jah Wobble & the Modern Jazz Ensemble - No Man's Land
Album: 7; Label: 30 Hertz
Mutant Frogs - Spectacular Dub
Album: unrl. "froggie fossil"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Bluetech - Mycorrhiza Mambo
Album: Rainforest Reverberation; Label: Native State
Bluetech - Unidentified Flying Octopus
Album: Rainforest Reverberation; Label: Native State
Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra - Wabba Dubu
Album: Universal Language; Label: Austro Mechana
Kalya Scintilla - Shadow Lurker
Album: Shimmer EP; Label: Addictech
Mimi Maura - Soledad
Album: Frenesi; Label: Sony
Mimi Maura - Soledub
Album: Frenesi; Label: Sony
Weather Report - Will
Album: Sweetnighter; Label: Columbia
Slide Huxtable - Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets
Album: The Return of Slide Huxtable; Label: self-release
The Dynamics - Move On Up
Album: Version Excursions; Label: Grooveattack
John Brown's Body - Shine Bright
Album: Kings and Queens; Label: Easy Star
Ill-Esha - Whiplash Recovery
Album: Whiplash Recovery; Label: Gravitas
RSD ft. Prince Jamo - After All
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space [various artists]; Label: Tectonics/Multiverse
Scientist vs. RSD - After All Dub
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space [various artists]; Label: Tectonics/Multiverse
Mantis - Dub Industry
Album: Dubious; Label: Tiltloose
Señor Coconut - Simoon
Album: Yellow Fever; Label: Nacional
Hollie Cook - 99
Album: Twice; Label: Mr. Bongo
Little Tempo - Munou no Hito
Album: Kedaco Sounds; Label: Cutting Edge
Little Tempo - Sukezo Dub
Album: Kedaco Is Born - Dubwise; Label: Cutting Edge
Mutant Frogs - Uh-Huh!
Album: froggie fossil (unreleased); Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
June 4, 2014