5/25/2014 Verbal Graffiti Radio

Playlist Tracks: 
C2C - C2C DMC 2005
Album: Unreleased Live Recording; Label: NA
Toussaint Morrison - Hulk
Album: Fast Times At Trillmont High; Label: Urban Home Companion
The Extremities - Around The Corner (featuring Ambition + Relic)
Album: The Mint Condition; Label: Droppin' Science Productions
Santigold - This Isn't Our Parade
Album: Master Of My Make-Believe; Label: Atlantic
RJD2 - Her Majesty's Socialist Request
Album: More Is Than Isn't; Label: RJ's Electrical Connections
Maria Isa - SABOTAGE
Album: valley of the dolls; Label: SotaRico Records
DJ Vadim - It's Obvious (featuring Blu)
Album: U.S.S.R.: Life From The Other Side; Label: Ninja Tune
Headphone Party - Belly Up
Album: Headphone Party; Label: Quiet Countries
Common Market - Kampo
Album: Common Market; Label: Massline Media
K'naan - Strugglin'
Album: The Dusty Foot On The Road; Label: Wrasse Records
Atmosphere - In Her Music Box
Album: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold; Label: Rhymesayers
A.S.H.E.S The Chosen - Never Let 'Em Break You Down (featuring April 12th)
Album: ID, Ego, Superego; Label: SmG Music/Stampede
Asheru - Funky D.C. (Featuring Funk Ark & Sitali)
Album: Sleepless In Soweto; Label: Guerilla Arts Ink, LLC
Air Date: 
May 25, 2014

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