5/16/2014 Catalyst: Politics and Culture

Playlist Tracks: 
Eddie Kendrick - My People...Hold On
Album: various artists: Black Power: Music of a Revolution; Label: Shout!
Amira Baraka - The X is Black (Spike Lie)
Album: var.artists: The United States of Poetry; Label: Mouth Almighty/Mercury Records
Last Poets - Freedom Express
Album: same; Label: Celluloid Records
Joshua Redman - Groove X
Album: Joshua Redman; Label: Warner Brothers
Malcolm X - Various speeches
Album: The Wisdom of Malcolm X; Label: Passport Intl. Enterntainment
Mel Reeves - longtime activist
Topics: Malcolm X: who he was, why he still matters & the first annual celebration of his life & ideas in the Twin Cities
Air Date: 
May 16, 2014

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