2/1/2008 MN Soundtrack


*The Brutes/Attention to Me/Self Titled/

*David Levin/Jet Boy/Criminal/Day Eleven

*Lukes Angels/Sugar Rush/Paulopolis/Self Release

Baby Guts/Staplegun/Gasoline/Guilt Ridden Pop

*Ecid/Movie Star Quality/ESGC/Fill in the Breaks

The Rank Strangers/Left of the Dial/Ear Illusion

*Young Dudes/Chin Music/self titled/self released

Chamber Maids/

Romantica/Mexico/America/2024 Records

*Ellis/How would it Be/Break the Spill/Rubberneck Records

*Imaginary Jack/Window Bricks/A Window in the Wall/self release

The Blind Shake/Blue Step/Carmel/Learning Curve

A Life Without/City Predators/self title/Modern Radio Records

Koalas/Fuck You Shitbag/self titled/self released

Suicide Commandos/Attacking the Beat/

Los Nativos/Slow and Low

Beira Mar Brasil/Corcovado/Sonho Meu/ARKE Records

Cloud Cult/State of the Union/Aurora Borealis/Earthology Records

Tuesdays Robot/Tribalism Yodel/self titled/self released

Ben Weaver/The Unelected/Paper Sky/Fugawee Bird

Digitata/Banjin' J.A./II Daggers/Totally GNP

Atmosphere/Love Life/God Loves Ugly/Rhymesayers

I Self Divine/


Playlist Tracks: 
Air Date: 
February 1, 2008

The Minnesota Sound Archives