5/12/2014 Health Notes

Naturally Healing Breast Cancer
Junko Himawari (“Himawari” means “sunflower” in Japanese) was diagnosed with breast cancer last year May (spread to axillary lymph nodes, grade: 2, HER2: positive, stage: IIB to IIIa) 
She decided to heal cancer with natural remedies such as diet therapy, changing life style, Chinese herbs, spa therapy, and Spring Forest qigong.
Junk realized that purpose, love and mission, no fear were the emotional stances she needed to take to heal emotionally and physically.  
 Junko shares her amazing journey on Health Notes - it is a journey of love, inspiration and wonder.  Junko's motto is:  Laughter and sense of humor. Do not be stuck in one place, but move on.


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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
Album: 30 Greatest Hits; Label: Atlantic
Junko Himawari - Natural Journey Through Breast Cancer
Topics: Spiritual, Emotional and Dietary Journey to Naturally Healing Breast Cancer
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May 12, 2014

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